4 Risky Businesses That Are Making Money For Nigerians

How To Cushion The Negative Effect Of COVID-19

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4 Risky Businesses That Are Making Money For Nigerians (So As To Cushion The Negative Effects Of The Pandemic.)


With the latest global pandemic and the challenges it created, most Nigerians are taking to some risky online businesses just to make ends meet and make money online in order to cushion the negative effects of the pandemic.

Of a truth, while Nations are shutting down. Businesses are shutting down. People are getting locked up at home. Only an ONLINE BUSINESS secures the destinies of nations. People must learn to do business on the internet if they must overcome this present global economic pandemic.

In today’s world, you can work from home using your mobile devices and the internet as major tools. You can also save and invest online from the comfort of your home.

This will help you keep your social distance and reduce the risk of being infected with the deadly coronavirus, a.k.a. COVID-19.

Please STAY SAFE and PROTECT YOURSELF. We will stand by you and help you with the latest businesses and investment opportunities and strategies people are adopting online in order to make money from the comfort of your home.

Here Are The 4 Risky Businesses That Are Making Money For Nigerians

#1 Risky Business That Is Making Money For Nigerians Is WAZOBIA CASH

As risky as mmm was and the consequent negative results on people, many companies have sprung up with similar formula promising their patronizers good profits and sustainability.

At the forefront of such companies is WaZoBia Investment Limited, a.k.a. Wazobia Cash.

Our research desk decided to do research on them and discovered that a high percentage of Nigerians, especially in Port Harcourt where we base, are already making money from this platform.

Studying their website, we discovered that their website is simple and not complex. The system with which they operate looks interesting and is bound to last. But, who knows!

I don’t know what you call such business; but, I call it, “Crowd Funding”. Though it is risky but paying, as at today. It should be traded with caution. You need strategy to make money from this platform. And, I want to enlist some of the best and precautionary steps to adopt in order not to lose your money.

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But, before then, if you wish to take the risk of joining and making money from Wazobia cash, THIS IS THE LINK TO THEIR WEBSITE (Click Here Now).

Adopt these precautionary steps:

a. Do not pledge over 20% of the money you wish to risk on their website.

b. Make sure you have double the amount you wish to pledge before signing up because they will ask you to recommit before withdrawing your initial invested money.

c. Do not risk what you cannot bear to lose.

d. By research, we discovered that by the time you pledge the fourth one, you must have recovered your money by making a 100% profit. Key: Keep your initial invested money and be trading with their money.

e. They promised to give 10% of the investment value to those who refer people to them. Key: While referring, do not stake your integrity. Do not tell someone that you truth and can vouch for the company and their website. Instead, tell them that the investment is very very risky but, if they would like to take such a risk, let them try at their own peril. Let them not come to you tomorrow for a refund of their money should their be any loss along the way. Tell them that you had already taken your own risk at your own peril and would not like to add theirs to yours.

f. Do not become a sub-agent, collecting money from people to invest for them. The truth? One day the system would crash and those people will come after you.

More updates coming soon.

As I said, we did research by signing up and testing their platform so as to give your report from a first-hand point of view, not hearsay. Thus, if you would like to risk at a maximum 20% of your money, bearing in mind that it can get lost, CLICK HERE TO JOIN Wazobia Cash!

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#2 Risky Business That Is Making Money For Nigerians Is TwentyXPro

In my previous blog post where I wrote on the subject, “5 Quick Ways Of Making Money Online”, I mentioned TwentyXPro as one of the quickest ways to make money online.

Believe me, every online business is risky. That is why you need a Digital Marketing skill in your skillset to cushion the effect of the risk and be on top of the businesses. And TwentyXPro offers to teach you How and Why.

Not just that TwentyXpro offers an innovative way to earn a secondary income by building a home-based business to help you achieve your goals. Who knows, it may even become your primary income.

Network marketing uses all the leverage offered via the internet to help you prosper in an ever-growing industry.

TwentyXpro is a unique business opportunity, which provides its members with the ability to earn money by marketing a valuable commodity and rewards you to share this opportunity with others, which will increase your income as well.

This project is a network marketing at its finest with a high paying commission structure, and a product that has the potential to significantly increase in value over the next year and beyond.

The core products offered by TwentyXpro are marketing education and internet business by leveraging the world wide web. Check out their website here! (Click)

Our research also reveals that most Nigerians are already making money from this business. Some have already amassed millions from this platform.

You can learn and earn from them, CLICK HERE To Sign Up!

#3: Risky Business That Is Making Money For Nigerians Is Recharge And Get Paid (VTU PROCESSING BUSINESS)

Have you ever imagined yourself earning commissions as you recharge airtime and load your browsing data?

Have you ever imagined yourself making money using your smartphone and internet access as major tools for your business?

Do you know that for every airtime you load, someone somewhere has just earned commission?

Why wouldn’t be you?

Why not be the one earning the commission and enjoying the products (Airtime and Data)?


RAGP (Recharge And Get Paid) offers you such opportunity and many more!

#4. Risky Business That Is Making Money For Nigerians Is AIM GLOBAL BUSINESS

I have severally written on what AIM GLOBAL Business is and How You Can Get Registered on their platform and make between N4,800 to N96, 000 daily (Which is my target)

AIM GLOBAL is only a few years in NIGERIA; meaning, we are just starting! We are a Pioneer

AIM GLOBAL has over 3 Million business partners

AIM GLOBAL daily pay-out commission rate is high

AIM GLOBAL is legally registered with CAC Number 548096

AIM GLOBAL is legally registered and Approved by NAFDAC

AIM GLOBAL has branch offices strategically located Lagos, Abuja, Onitsha, Ibadan, Kano, and Port Harcourt;

Alliance in Motion has been also been voted as the Top direct selling company for several years, Best Compensation Plan for several years, AIM Global has been listed among the Top 100 solid MLM Companies, all these by an Independent Organization “BUSINESS FOR HOME”.

These are World Class Awards!


Before I conclude, if you wish to start a business of your own from scratch, this blog post will help you (Click Here To Read It Now!)

Need Motivation? Click Here!

Dear, as we discover other Risky Businesses That Are Making Money For Nigerians, we will keep updating this page and adjusting the title to suit its contents. Thus, this blog post is a living blog post. Expect more from it!

Are there other Risky Businesses That Are Making Money For Nigerians that you know, kindly let me know through the comment box below.

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