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Unbehalf of the editorial crew of ALANAIJA ONLINE MAGAZINE, MARKETPLACE and MINISTRY, I welcome you to this edition of our series, “Love And Money Talk With The Author”!

May the wisdom inherent in it transform your life totally and richly bless your marriage and relationship and make you happier than you were before you came in contact with this Magazine.

Many women do not understand why men cheat. There is enormous ignorance about men and sex. To their greatest chagrin, sequel to our quick researches and conclusions, we came to the understanding that men don’t cheat because someone else is better-looking. Men don’t cheat because someone else is younger. But why do men cheat? This is one of the major focuses of this series henceforth.

In addition, many believe that “Love conquers all!” Hear this: By the time you finish reading this first edition of “Love And Money Talk With The Author”, you’ll have a rethink about this statement.

This edition also covers such issues as: How To Choose The Right Partner, Some Stupid Things Married People Do In Marriage, How To Prevent Your Husband From Flirting Around, Some Health Tip For An Ideal Woman and many other related issues.


OUR VISION is to teach our audience how to satisfy their spouses and make them remain forever faithful and committed to their marital vows. While,

OUR MISSION is to positively change the ladies and mens’world by providing the tools and a path (God’s system) to those who commit to become Enlightened Spouses. When this happens, it will generate adequate light and consequent love, focused on the well-being of their spouses, especially their husbands.

“Love And Money Talk With The Author” is a divine mandate and shall remain your little treasury of feminine intelligence and emotional abundance.

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Anthony Quinn has always been a great film actor, but more than that, he was a man who knew how to have, and always appeared to be having, a great time.

He was married in his twenties to Catherine DeMille, the daughter of the great film pioneer, Cecil B. DeMille, and had several children. Then he met Italian-born Iodanda on the movie set of Barabbas in 1961 where she was working as a wardrobe assistant, and they had two sons out of wedlock.

Five years later, when she was pregnant with their third son, they were married. Meanwhile, while married to Ionanda, he had a few other children out of wedlock. And of course several years ago, he had yet another child (he has thirteen kids to date!), this one with his former secretary, karthy Benvin, and when the child was born and his wife found out about it, she went crazy, and demanded Tony leave her (he since had a second child with kathy).

He came up with what he thought was a great solution – Iolanda live in one part of their huge apartment on the Upper West Side of New York, and Kathy in the other part Iolanda was understandably outraged, said no, and eventually filed for a divorce. She was heartbroken; her marriage was over.

Dear reader, what was the actual cause of Iolanda’s heartbreak and consequent divorce? You can WIN A  FREE RECHARGE CARD by Posting your ANSWER (S) on Our “COMMENTS” box. 


(Excerpt: “How To Satisfy A Man Every Time…and have him beg for more! By NAURA HAYDEN)

Treasury Of LOVE POEMS



Sir Walter Ralegh

Shepherd, what’s love? I pray thee well.

It is that fountain, and that well,

Where pleasure and repentance dwell:

It is, perhaps, that sauncing bell,

That tolls all into heaven or hell:

And this is love, as I heard tell.


Yet what is love? I printhee say.

It is a work on holyday,

It is December match’d with May,

When lusty bloods in fresh array

        Hear ten months after of the play

        And this is love, as I hear say.


Yet what is love? Good Shepherd sain.

It is a sunshine mix’d with rain;

It is a toothache, or like pain;

It is a game, where none doth gain.

The lass saith no, and would full fain;

   And this is love, as I hear sain.


Yet, Shepherd, what is love, I pray?

It is a yea, it is a nay,

A pretty kind of sporting fray,

It is a thing will soon away;

   Then nymphs take ‘vantage while ye may

   And this is love, as I hear say.


Yet what is love? Good Shepherd show

A thing that creeps, it cannot go;

A prize that passeth to and fro,

A thing for one, a thing for mo,

        And he that proves shall find it so,

        And Shepherd, this is love I trow.


Undoubtedly, you’re aware that your husband knows that you love him because you married him, and even though you may not often tell him or show that you love him.

However, research proves that wives of men who have been caught cheating have always been considered the victims of their husbands’ infidelity. Examples include: Mrs. Nelson Rockefeller, Mrs. Albert Einstein, Mrs. Frank Gifford, Mrs. Artie Shaw, Mrs. John F. Kennedy, Mrs. Bill Clinton, Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt, and too many others too numerous to mention.

Many believe that their husbands cheat on them because they found some younger, prettier, slimmer, or bustier ladies. But, this might not be the reason for such illicit acts.

Hear this: A man does not fall in love with his wife and leave his wife for another woman because she is younger or prettier than his wife.

In this article, sequel to some tangible research, experience, and divine illumination, I came up with some major reasons why men cheat on their wives. Hear these:

  1. LOOKING UNATTRACTIVE AFTER WEDDING: It is no more news that most ladies, after wedding, especially immediately they give birth, lose focus on their neatness. Why? They think that they have “Arrived”. After all, “Who am I making guy for?” they usually ask. But, this attitude of selfishness has wrecked many homes instead of blessing and sustaining them.

Your physical appearance is one of the major determinants of your communication level with your husband, especially sexually.

It is a common knowledge that clothes cover about 90% of our bodies at all times. Who you are can be accurately assessed by the quality, class, and beauty of your dressing.

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A poor package will always culminate into poor sexual appeal to your man. Little wonder why he abandons you for another woman, even women that are older, facially and bodily less attractive than you.

  1. NOT BEING ON THE SAME LEVEL OF COMMUNICATION WITH HUSBANDS: Thinking, acting, and feeling like the husband is the star of the family and you’re just a supporting player is not evil, it is good. But when you possess zero self-esteem, and make yourself timid and awkward, you end up in the line up of those whose husbands’ cheat on them.

Being very sweet, unassuming, pretty but zero self-esteem makes you lose your husband to another. People accept you at your own evaluation.

If you see yourself as a timid little nothing who has no value but the love you feel for your husband isn’t going to value you either.

  1. MARRYING A MAN FOR SEXUAL ATTRACTION ONLY: Unfortunately, millions of people get married because of sexual attraction, and when that wears off, as it almost always does because most people let it wear off, they find they have nothing in common, and go looking for another sexual attraction.

You wouldn’t take a lifetime job you’re not suited for just because you love the looks of the office, but it’s very similar to marrying someone who turns you on but with whom you have nothing else in common.

What you should do is wait till you find someone who has the same values, same sense of humor, same likes and dislikes, marry that person and make sure that both of you learn how to satisfy each other. That will guarantee a lasting happy lifetime!

  1. COMPLACENCY AND ARROGANCE OF SOME LADIES: Hear me: Any woman who is able to seduce your husband focused on what will make him really happy sexually and then did it!

It’s so foolish to just assume (because you feel your husband’s love) that your husband loves you so much that you know he’ll never leave you. What complacency! What arrogance! Of course he loves you, but if you allow yourself to become so complacent that you get too sure of him, you might be surprised (shocked?) to find he’s secretly been looking for some sexual excitement.

The one absolutely, positively infallible way to keep his life with you exciting is sexually. If you’ve made sex so exciting to him that he can’t wait to have you “do” him again, he’s not going to be giving off signals to any hot female in his workplace that he’s not sexually tied to someone at home.

Women always blame the “other woman,” but they fail to understand that you can’t seduce a sexually satisfied married man.

If you are a great cook and make a good breakfast for him every morning, whip up great delicious dinners every night, make sure his clothes are always washed, cleaned, and pressed, keep the house looking neat and clean, keep yourself spiffy-looking at all times, take really good care of the kids, and let him always know you love him with hugs and kisses, but let him get bored with you sexually, you’re in for some trouble.

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Follow me in the NEXT EDITION of “Money And Love Talk With The Author” for more reasons!

Remain Blessed!


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“Get disciplined, if you want to get rich and sustain your relationship with your partner. There is no better truth than this. Outstanding performance in the future is a product of qualitative discipline today”.

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