Get Inspired With Gabriel C. Onyekawa_The author (Day 3)

Why Vision Is Important For An Entrepreneur image
Why Vision Is Important For An Entrepreneur image


Those who connect to tangible information naturally terminate frustration and stagnation in their lives. Until you connect to divine wisdom, you remain earthly useless. Life most often is not as you desire it but as you deserve it. Wishes are not horses; if they were, beggars would ride.

I welcome you to another great day! A day of great joy, favour, prosperity, and total breakthrough. Today shall be your best day ever in Jesus name!

Today, feed yourself with the requisite information that guarantees your transformation. You can’t prosper without adequate information. Until you’re fed with information, you can’t be fat in your endeavours. Life is what you make of it.

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With information, stagnation skips like ram, frustration gets frustrated, intimidation gets terminated, sicknesses and diseases disappear, and life becomes  an enjoyment galore.

Go for insight today! It’s insight that  determines your impact in life. The depth of your revelation determines the height of your revolution. Insight determines your level in  life.

Remain blessed as you join me in my next edition!

Your servant,


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