Who is incharge of your destiny-you or others?
Who is incharge of your destiny-you or others?

“If a man advances confidently in the direction of his dreams…to live the life he has imagined…he will meet success unexpectedly in common hours”Henry David Thoreau

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Before now, it was not easy for an average person to make it to the top. Monies were in the hands of the nobles, warriors and industrialists. But with the advent of the Information age, it became easy for an average person to make it to the top at the speed of thought.

Today, you don’t need to go to America and pass through the hurdles of the White house, just to see or hear Barak Obama. Today, you don’t need to go to London to do business in Pounds. You don’t need to travel to Cotonou to import goods from them. Everything is achievable at the speed of light. Why trust your destiny to the mercies of your fellow being in the Government?

Your destiny is too valuable to be entrusted into the hands of another man. God has settled your case in heaven. Take charge of your life henceforth and fulfill destiny!

The world before now was divided by geographical borders. But today, the only seemingly demarcations are virtual borders (Cyber space). Who told you that you are in the village or in a remote area? “There is no more developing nation in reality, it is only developing minds!” Quote me anywhere and I will defend it! Never allow anyone intimidate you! We were all created the same and equal by destiny! Do not short-circuit your own by ignorance! Go for light!

Today, you are in the village when you have no access to the Internet. Thus, you will lack adequate access to tangible and transformative Information!

You can take charge of your destiny by assuming responsibility for your destiny. Connect to God, the manufacturer of man and connect to your destiny! You are a city set on a hill that cannot be hidden! You are the light of the world! You are meant to shine on earth not to be stagnated! Receive wisdom in Jesus name!

God has done His part. The remaining part of it is your to do! Stop being naïve and fight for your future! You are blessed in Jesus name!

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I take charge of my destiny in Jesus name! I am in full control of my destiny! I cannot be a failure! I cannot be a loser! I am making it in Jesus name!

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