your certificate is not your certification
your certificate is not your certification
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“Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the life-long attempt to acquire it!”

Albert Einstein

It saddens my mind seeing many graduates today, full of zeal and vibrancy, waste and rot away in the name of waiting for white-collar jobs. I begin to imagine, why would one waste years in the name of unemployment? If there is no white-collar job, then, create a black or yellow-collar job!

Today, God in His faithfulness has blessed us with 24 hours. However, I have discovered that some people invest it, some waste it and some trash it. Are you one of them? Have you been staying at home, doing nothing. Have you been wasting the little savings of yours in SAT, TOEFL, and newspapers? (Sorry, I don’t mean to demean or antagonize SAT, TOEFL, or newspapers, you have been wasting!) Wake up from slumber! Don’t you think that your talent might be superior to your certificate, especially in this Information age when individuals, from home, can compete with International Multinational companies?

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Still in doubt? Get a copy of Thisday Style, Vol. 14, No.5222 and read the stories of graduates, even Master Degree holders, who turned into Tailors (Modernized as Designers) and turned their world upside down, from poverty to prosperity. Their passion was to make indelible impact. Do you think that it is your certificate that gets the job for you? No. Even if certificate gets one for you, it cannot sustain the job for you.

Your talent is the best thing in your world. With it you can go places. The Bible recorded that a man’s talent maketh ways for him and brings him to dine and wine with the wise and the wealthy. Why not apply your talent to your world? Why not start doing something with the talent you have? I know that there are a lot of services you can render with your talent; why not learn more about business development and build business around that talent of yours.

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Can you cook very well? Then, start a restaurant business, even as a man. Can you play football and you have not been signed for a local or International deal? Why not start a Football Coaching Business, start a Football Academy soonest you’ll be celebrated in the same land you were abandoned. Are you a talkative? Why not go into Comedy Business, MC or Motivational Speaking Business? Find something to do today and change your story positively!

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By divine wisdom, I locate that which the Lord sent me to this world to do. I refuse to be mocked for unemployment. I become a creator of wealth. I become an employer of persons in Jesus name! Though it might seem that my world has come to an end, let people watch out for me, I am the next in line to be celebrated in Jesus name!

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