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applesoft web solution
applesoft web solution
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We work with you to develop professional, enterprise-quality web design and complimentary services. Below is a list of some of our major services:

Website Design and Development: We provide website design and development . We provide Responsive web design services that enable your website to flow whether your viewers are using a desktop, tablet, or phone. You are guaranteed of a quality website planning and production from concept design through maintenance. We also build eCommerce platforms with dynamic shopping cart solutions and integration with your accounting, shipping, order management, and customer contact systems. Just like www.estore.alanaija.com

After Sales And Web Master Services: Worthy of note is the fact that we develop original contents and update existing content so that your website remains fresh and useful to your audience. We make sure you have the latest software, plug-ins, and security patches. We offer hosting services, optimized for WordPress websites like yours.

SEO Services: We offer a comprehensive SEO program to increase your ranking among all the major search engines and give your website every advantage with keyword research, title,  description, and geo-tagging.

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We Also Offer Other Services Like:

ONLINE BUSINESS BRANDING: In addition to our website designing, SEO optimization, E-commerce platform developments, we also do:

Research and Consulting Services: We help you research and understand your target audience and the competition.

Content Strategy: Our content strategy helps you match your content to your brand.

Social Media Integration: Our social media integration tools align your social media and your website with your brand.



  • Logo Design
  • Brochures designs and productions.
  • Annual Reports development
  • Infographics
  • Product Packaging etc

LOCAL AND INTERNATIONAL BOOK PUBLISHING: APPLESOFT PUBLISHING HOUSE is today one of the leading names in book publishing. We have published many authors. You too can be the next to be published.

For more details and inquiries on how we can be of a tremendous help to you and your organization, call: +234 9073308104 (Outside Nigeria) 9073308104(for Nigerians) or e-mail: alanaijaonline@gmail.com

We look forward to hearing from you in relation to any question(s) about our website development, publishing,content writing & editing  or any other related services. We are here to listen and help!

More Details? Connect to us through Gabriel Onyekawa Consulting

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