It's time to praise God!!!
It's time to praise God!!!

“Praise locates the key to Heaven, opens the door to the throne and brings God into action” – Gabriel C. Onyekawa

Dear, congratulations! Did You make it to the end of this great year? It’s the Lord’s doing!!!

But, have you cared to say, “Father, thank you!” You might not see reasons why you need to thank God until you visit the Mortuaries and see logs of lifeless beings who would have loved to praise God if given another chance. Imagine what is the portion of the destitute at the motherless babies homes! Did you visit the Orthopaedic Hospitals recently, to see people like you whose legs are hanging precariously on the pendulum of mercy and survival of the fittest? What about those who couldn’t eat through the mouth but are fed through the nose? What about those whose legs and/or hands were amputated? If they could still praise God, what is holding you back from saying, “Lord, I thank you!”

Hear me: Praise is the plural of prayer. Where prayer stops, praise continues. You can terminate a year of frustration just by an hour of praise! Praise is the real weapon of a believer’s warfare.

When you praise God for what He did,  He instantly does another greater one. If we as mortals, when thanked for our good deeds, appreciate it, what about your Father, who is in Heaven? Thank, the Creator of man and everything that is in this earth.

God is still the reason for the moment. That you’re not yet married, thank God for having your brain intact and functioning to even know that you’re up to the marital age. Thank God that you’re marriageable at least.


Maybe, you’re poor, thank God, you’re not dead. Thank God that you’re alive today beaming with hope and faith.

It’s time to thank God!!! Go ahead and thank God now!

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Gabriel Onyekawa is a dynamic entrepreneur, business coach, and author. With a passion for empowering individuals to unlock their entrepreneurial potential, Gabriel has dedicated his life to inspiring and guiding aspiring entrepreneurs. He possesses a wealth of experience in various business ventures and is known for his innovative thinking and strategic approach to business. Gabriel's expertise extends to diverse fields such as finance, marketing, and leadership, making him a sought-after advisor and speaker. Through his books, coaching programs, and impactful initiatives, Gabriel Onyekawa continues to impact countless lives, igniting the entrepreneurial spirit and fostering economic growth.
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