A Quick motivational tablet
A Quick motivational tablet

Life is a picture embedded in the Scriptures. Life is like the proverbial Elephant with multiple understanding and explanation among observers. Life some say is a journey. But, it takes understanding to capture the picture of the Scripture. Thus, without adequate understanding, life is meaningless.

No matter what you’re passing through today, you need understanding to thrive and breakthrough.

Understanding is the lubricant that drives knowledge into the realm of action.

There can’t be understanding without knowledge. Likewise, you can’t claim to be knowledgeable when you lack understanding in a particular field of endeavours.

The treasures of today is embedded in knowledge. Until you have knowledge, you have to result. Until you have adequate knowledge, you lack adequate result.

If knowledge is not important in achieving results, why do we keep publishing money making secrets at AlaNaija’s Blog? Why did we study and engage in some businesses?

No matter where you are today or what you do, make sure you add more value to your knowledge base. What you’re achieving today is a gross function of the knowledge you acquired yesteryears. What you’ll need to achieve tomorrow will be a function of the knowledge you acquire today.

Go for knowledge!

Go for insight!

Rule your world!

To your success,

The AlaNaija Project Team

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