One-On-One With Bob Rally-G: “I Discovered My Gift While In Prison”

Bob Rally G image
Bob Rally G image
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Have you noticed that most often the problems we face in life goes a long way in revealing our other selves which are our better selves?

Problems are indeed the real promoters of destinies.

Believe me, if there was no Goliath, there would not have been any opportunity for David to enter the palace. Thus, the Goliath you may be facing today might be your stepping stone into your wealth. Such was the story of Mr. Anyanga Onyema Daniel, popularly known as, “Bob Rally-G”

It was not a coincidence, rather a divine programming, when we, the Interview team paid a courtesy visit to this musician, whose tracks are currently causing waves in Port Harcourt and across the nations of the world. We took time to interview him. And in this blog post lays the details of the interview we had with him. Now, hear him:

Bob Rally G Image

Question One: May We Know You?

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Bob Rally-G: My names are Anyanga Onyema Daniel. My stage names are Bob Rally-G. I was born on the 17th of November, the same year my mates where born (He laughs widely) to the family of Late Mr. Onwubuya Paul Anyanga of Akumazi-Umuochia in Ika North-East Local Government Area of Delta State. I started life in Akumazi-Umuochia where I obtained my Primary and Secondary certificates. ( Team cuts in…)

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Question Two: How Did You Discover Your Music Gift?

Bob Rally-G: I discovered that I have the gift of singing when I started serving God; this was made known to me while I was still in the prison.

Question Three: How Did You Start Your Music Career?

Bob Rally-G: Any way, I started my music career in prison where I entertained all the inmates on daily basis. It was a very hard task but I was determined to impact lives with my music through my divine gift, inspiration and my vision.

Question Four: What are your accomplishments so far?

Bob Rally-G: By God’s divine grace and mercy I have been able to record my first and second album currently working on my third album believing God that it will drop on the market soon.

Question Five: Do you have any track or album to your credit?

Bob Rally-G: Yes! I have a lot of tracks already and I am still working to record and release more by God’s grace.

Question Six: How far has your music career gone (Local or global)?

Bob Rally-G: My music career has gone global though I started local but thank God who has taken me from local to global; from grass to grace.

Question Seven: What are the challenges you have been facing in your music career?

Bob Rally-G: As an artist, I need a sponsor, but I found it difficult to gain support from people. Music career requires financial investors who can provide the requisite funds to boost music projects.

Question Eight:  Do you need any support? Would you like to be contracted for a record deal?

Bob Rally-G: Yes! I need support and I would like to have a record deal to enable me to make maximum impact in the music industry.

Question Nine:  How can we access your released music track or album? Is it free or paid for?

Bob Rally-G: You can download my songs FREE from the internet but you would pay if you need it on compact disk or hard copy.

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Question Ten:  What advice do you have for upcoming artists?

Bob Rally-G: As an upcoming artist, you need to work hard. You need to interact with people freely and you need to be physically fit and know what your fans need.

Question Eleven:  What do you have to say about

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Bob Rally G Image

See you in my next blog post.

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The Next Thing

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