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Today, I bring you an excerpt of my latest e-book suitable for all students, graduates, undergraduates, job-seekers, unemployed, teachers, etc. I presented a discourse on NIGERIA IN A QUIZ FORMAT. Feel free to peruse for FREE. Should you want to have the FULL VERSION OF THIS E-BOOK, “NIGERIA AT A GLANCE BY GABRIEL C. ONYEKAWA” sent to you, call: 08039335121 (Within Nigeria) or +234 803 933 5121 (Those Outside Nigeria).


Now, let’s go….

Question 1: Where is Nigeria located in Africa?

Answer: Nigeria, republic in western Africa, shares boundary with a coast along the Atlantic Ocean on the Gulf of Guinea.


Question 2: From which river (s) was Nigeria named after?

Answer: The country takes its name from its chief river, River Niger.


Question 3: Where was the former capital of Nigeria before it was relocated to Abuja?

Answer: Lagos


Question 4: In what year was the capital of Nigeria relocated from Lagos to Abuja?

Answer: In the year 1991 (Precisely in the month of December)


Question 5: In what month and year did Nigeria gain independence?

Answer: In first October, 1960.


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