Secrets Of A Sustainable Marriage

Discover The Secrets Of A Sustainable Marriage

secrets of a sustainable marriage picture
secrets of a sustainable marriage

This article showcases some of the secrets of a sustainable marriage.

I took time in the mid of the nights to write this article entitled, “Secrets Of A Sustainable Marriage”. I believe that you shall learn some of the secrets that sustained our marriage so far, as we celebrated our one year in marriage, which was crowned with a bouncing Baby Boy, to the glory of God!

However, to my numerous fans, friends, well-wishers and clients who have been consistently asking me of the formula that I applied to have this envious and lovely family, I reveal these secrets of a sustainable marriage.

To you who which to follow my blog daily, be edified and blessed, I promise to take hand-in-hand and teach you the secrets of a sustainable marriage.

This article shall come in series, some might be of different topics, but, focusing on same issue: Secrets of a sustainable marriage.

This article, however, flows from my previous article, entitled, “How To Re-Access Your ‘Love’ And Get The Right Partner That Will Enhance Your Business Growth” And, most of these articles are actually excerpts from my e-books and books

What Then Are The Secrets To A Sustainable Marriage?

Below are some of them:

Number One

Put God First In Your Marriage Affairs

Love could be seeming tricky and confusing. But, love is not a mirage. Love is real.

You can blossom in any relationship you go into. You can make your love relationship work.

Haven’t you noticed that falling in love is easy, but staying in love will always demand a tint of hard work. That is why you need God.

God is the only One that can give you strength, secrets and success through grace mixed with your faith. God is the One who established marriage. And logically speaking, it’s the manufacturer of a product that knows the functionality of that product. God is the manufacturer of man and marriage. Allow Him to lead the way and you’ll enjoy a sustainable marital lovestyle!

Number Two

Invite The Holy Spirit To Lead You

It’ll amount to capital stupidity for you to be groping in the dark when you can actually access cheap light from the Holy Spirit about the secrets of a sustainable marriage.

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The Holy Spirit guided my wife and I all through this one glorious and favourable year. I knew nobody in the location where I relocated to.Besides, I hate calling people for aides. We keyed into the ministry of the Holy Spirit, allowing ourselves to be guided, and today, some people see tangible proofs of the Hand Of God in our marriage. In fact, it’s Heaven On Earth indeed!

You too can have an enviable one! Stop emulating others! Start connecting to the leading of the Holy Spirit!

Number Three

Study About The Secrets Of A Sustainable Marriage

There are few relationship rules that can change a drifting relationship into a romantic one. Your relationship needs adequate information (knowledge, wisdom and understanding) to thrive on.

Without insight vis-a-vis marriage, you’ll make no impact. Until you access adequate light for your manifestation, your marriage remains a charade of confusion!

Ever since I made up my mind to marry, even before then, I have literally read over twenty-five books on marriage and related topics. Besides, I have invested heavily on books that before the age of thirty I had over one thousands books which I have read most of them.

You need information to make that marriage work, that’s one cardinal issue I discussed in my previous article.

Study so as not to be stupid in your marital lovestyle!

Number Four

Maintain Unconditional Lovestyle

When condition become the most important value in any relationship, love begins to depreciate. When your relationship begins to manifest without unnecessary conditions, love becomes heightened. Try your best to love your partner unconditionally in all circumstances.

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Number Five

Concentrate On Your Partner,  Bring Out The Best In Him/Her

No one concentrates on self and makes it in life. When life is all about you alone, frustration and impending doom become the order of the day. Think from your partner’s perspective when it comes to matters of the heart. What does he/she want that you have to give to him/her? How can you bring out the best in him/her? These should be your focus and not on yourself.

Expect the Part 2 of this article! Keep a date with me in the next few days for the continuation!

I Love You!

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what you before you fall in love
what you before you fall in love


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