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Strategies For Business Exploits : How To Win In Business Regardless Of Competitors

Strategies For Business Exploits : How To Win In Business Regardless Of Competitors

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How Do You Build A Business That Works Predictably, Effortlessly, And Profitably Each And Every Day?

How Do You Build A Business That Works Without You?

How Do You Get Free Of Your Business To Live A Fuller Life?

Get The Right Answers And More In this practical BUSINESS book!

In this book you will LEARN:

  • The mindset of an entrepreneur, entrepreneurship success skills and the contemporary entrepreneur.
  • How to generate ideas that work
  • How to gather materials, write and develop a professional BUSINESS PLAN.
  • Practical steps to launching your own business.
  • How to choose a saleable business name/business location.
  • How to develop a winning marketing strategy and skyrocket your sales by over 3000% in less than 3 weeks
  • How to raise capital (Money) for your business or project without borrowing or begging.
  • How to register your own business/company without a Lawyer or Chartered Accountant.
  • How to craft corporate vision statement, mission statement and core values.
  • Corporate branding strategy
  • Business Management Success Strategies
  • How to engage the God factor for Business Success.
  • Signs that your business is about to crash and how to overcome business failures and run a failure-proof business without struggling.

The following objectives shall also be covered in this book, among others:

  • To teach all readers that God initiated Business and every Business must be run according to the dictates of the pictures of the Scripture or it is bound to crumble in the course of time.
  • To teach readers that there are strategic steps to take in setting up, efficiently and effectively running a sustainable and profitable Business.
  • To practically teach the readers the Covenant steps to take in preparing a business plan and carrying out feasibility studies.
  • Among others.
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