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Liven Alkaline Coffee is the World’s First Alkaline Coffee with lots of health benefits coming from 16,000 phytonutrient from 131 natural ingredients!

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For over four years now, I have been selling this product to many customers across the nation of Nigeria with testimonies following.

I remembered selling a few sachets to a lady whose menstrual cycle seized for over thirteen (13) years. And amid taking this alkaline coffee, the menses came out to her amazement.

Amid her testimony, she gave a sachet to her friend who gave birth to a child long ago but could not take in again because she developed the same challenge of seizure in. And it restored her.

This singular product healed several others. Even some men who had erectile dysfunction would tell you more about this wonderful product.

You cannot have a headache taking this product! Even if you are afraid of cancer, believe me, it protects you.

In fact, I cannot consider any other better anti-stress product than this!

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N. B: We do not include the shipping costs of the product price. We will discuss it with you or you pay the shipping company their shipping on receiving the goods.)





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