break financial limits
break financial limits

Discovered! How To Break Financial Limits In Your Small Business (Part Two)

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Welcome back!

This blog post is a continuation of the previous blog post (Click Here To View)

May I ask you these questions:

Have you noticed that no matter how much you make, you are spending it faster than it took you to earn it?

Worse still, are you spending your money on others faster than you spend it on yourself?

Do you ever think about where all your money goes?

Do you work hard, make decent money, yet, it never seems like it is enough because the bills keep coming?

Have you been struggling financially the last few months and you have been wondering where does all my money go?

Do you accumulate so many expenses monthly, they come so fast that you seem not to know what to do?

Have you noticed that you can’t even afford to buy the things you need in life, which are your basic responsibility?

Maybe, you have been recently asking yourself, “What exactly am I working for? Where does all my money go?”

Are you facing a difficult marriage for lack of money? Are you currently facing the burden of bills, taking care of your aged ones, catering for your children?

Do you seem to be earning a decent income, yet you are not financially independent?

Does it seem like no matter how much money you make, it seems like there is always one more hurdle to leap that is not necessarily of your own making?

Have you been fixing the challenges of “no left over” for savings and investment?

Bishop David O. Abioye, once wrote, “…Winning in life takes only strategies and it is even more so in the Kingdom, because we serve a God of principles. When you line up with His principles, you get the promises”.

Of a truth, money is everywhere! But, it takes understanding and consistent application of principles to attract it.

You are struggling financially because you lack adequate insight for becoming financially free!

You can be, have, and do what you want, when you want, where you want, and how you want. It takes secrets!

It takes secret to make money, keep money and use money.

Of the truth, there are universal laws guiding money; there are rules of making saving, keeping money, and investing money.

Indeed, this blog post becomes relevant now because of the present and prevalent global pandemic and economic holocaust.

This blog post is a practical revelation of the truth behind poverty and struggles imminent among many people today.

Believe me, global pandemic and economic depression are not new. They have happened in the past. In the same vein, economic recovery is possible, even at ‘the speed of a click’.

Are you aware that a secret not discovered and put into practice is recovery not attained and prosperity not achieved?

Are you aware that in life, we all start out somehow expecting that we would end up wealthy? Unfortunately, as we get older and add years to our lives, naturally believe that we should add value. But, it is not always so!

Waking up someday, we realize suddenly that our expectations are far from our realities. What do we do next? This blog post has the solutions. It is a process that leads to an unending and sweatless wealth. It is full of practical steps.

This blog post series, “How To Break Financial Limits In Your Small Business”, teaches you what to do for your financial dreams to come to fruition.

This blog post shall be an eye-opener for you. In the end, if you truly and judiciously practice the contents, you shall never lack money again in life. You shall also acquire generational wealth and prosperity beyond your imagination…

Now, here are some of the interesting topics you will learn from this blog posts series…

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The real meaning of money

Myths and misconceptions about money

The 22 mistakes you make daily in money management

How to overcome money making mistakes

The mindset of a wealthy person

How to raise money (Financial capital) for your business or project without borrowing or begging

Over 102 hidden facts about money that nobody is telling you about

How to make money, save money and invest money

And many more

Feel free to order the full version of this blog series, the e-book, and paperback, “Breaking Financial Limits” and share their contents with your family, friends, and well-wishers.

In our previous discussion on this series, “How To Break Financial Limits…Part One”, we talked about The Real Meaning Of Money

Today, I would be sharing my story of ‘grass to grace’. And offer you the opportunities to unlearn, learn, and relearn…

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Would you like to hear my story?

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My name is Gabriel  Onyekawa. A few years ago, I was a struggling young youth. I was indebted, helpless, and seems helpless. Virtually everything I tried my hands on in a bid to make money failed. I thought I was jinxed!

After searching for a tangible answer for my struggle through life, I discovered that one job was not enough to prosper one in today’s world. One investment or one business is not enough. Thus, if you are only relying on one stream of income, you are setting yourself up to be broke one day and the fact is that 85% of the world’s population grows old and dies financially broke. That’s because most people do not have multiple streams of income.

Knowing that one stream of income is not enough; I got busy finding ways to make more money through avenues other than my “day job”.

However, of all the streams of income I studied, I discovered that Internet Marketing has multiple ways of making money for anyone who desires and get committed to making real money following the 21st century system of making money.

I was intrigued by this idea. Just the thought of being able to make a living using nothing more than a laptop computer and the Internet sent chills down my spine. I got started immediately.

After daily work and after my wife went to sleep at night, I’d boost my laptop, connect my internet and get online for a few hours (usually between midnight and 3 a.m) trying to learn how to make money online.

I knew other people were doing it and making real money online. I just had to figure out how to do it myself.

Nevertheless, with time things began to work out well. I started making a little bit of money following some of the online marketing strategies I was experimenting with and gradually that little bit of money I was making grew into a full-time income. I started living the “Laptop Lifestyle”

My dream of making a living from home has come true. And today you’re a partaker of the same knowledge and know-how that’s adding little money into my bank account daily, even without me going out to slave out myself in a 9-to-5 job.


I saw in the Scripture that whatever you doeth shall prosper (Psalms 1:3), and I concluded that all I needed to become rich was in my hands now. That seemingly small amount of money I had in my hand was more than enough to launch me into financial abundance.

It happened exactly after my graduation from the university, I asked myself some questions: What business are you passionate about? What can you do?

The Spirit of the Lord told me, “Start a Computer Training School! Start now! Start with any amount of money in your hand or you can even sell off those items in your house that are not necessary or in use now: they are liabilities. Sell them! Use the proceeds to start up that business”. You can even start by preparing a business plan, feasibility studies, forms, receipt booklet pattern, invoice pattern, and other related. Communicate the vision, pray for help, and share the vision with people. God will send your destiny helpers speedily.”

That was exactly how I started my first business: A Computer Training School in Nigeria. Hear the full story:

Back in 2005, after my NYSC (National Youth Service Corps), I enrolled for a Computer Training Programme, where I was taught a little about System Analysis for two (2) months.

Immediately after graduation from the training program, I never knew what to do next. Where do I go from here? Was my seemingly unending question! I had no passion for paid jobs. I wanted to be the CEO of a company. But, how do I start?  I had no rich parents to fall back to for finances. I had no rich Uncles, Cousins, or other relatives to go to for finances. I was left alone to sort out the way forward.

Two weeks before November 20th, 2006, I caught the light, after weeping for some months because of the hydra-headed challenge that buffeted me then. I could not take care of my family, not to talk of being relevant to my society. I caught the light as I was weeping on this said day. What was the light? To start a Computer Training School!

Upon meditating, I discovered that I had no money to compete against those in the cities; I had no computer system to start with. I had no office location. What do I do? I asked the universe to deliver the result.

The idea came, rushing like a mad rush of the great waters of the River Nile. It was to start with what I had, from where I was, and to grow from that level, by faith.

I remembered that I had a sheet of paper, a pen, and One thousand Naira only (less than $7) with me. Those were the only resources I needed to start up one of the most celebrated Computer Schools in Nigeria today.

I drafted a form for the students and potential clients. I typed and designed the forms, photocopied them into one hundred copies, and traveled with them to one of the remotest places in my area to start up the school.

Recalling, I had only one-way transport fare. Thus, I made up my mind that if I did not succeed I would become one of the residents (settlers) of the said village, but, God always makes a way for His people.

Upon arrival in the village, I was led to introduce myself to a particular Primary School, where I was divinely privileged to use as the Training Centre. I had no money to pay them, but, I had an idea of how to pay them. I traded wisdom for the property.

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I told their headteacher that his personal training in Computer Operation would be the rent payment for using the school as a center. He agreed.

Thus, based on our agreement, the headmaster and his assistance did not need to pay the registration fees.

They accepted the deal and we formalized the agreement with the Local Government Educational Board. Thus, was the starting!

I was led to organize a tuition-free Computer Training School for a specific period as a trial package for the intending students. However, they would register with only N1200 (less than $7).

The good news was that by faith, I sold almost a hundred forms on the same day. I made close to eight hundred dollars ($800) in just one day. Out of that amount of money, I bought a Computer set and other facilities needed for the training program.

And two weeks after, on the 20th of November, 2006, the Computer School was officially launched. Lectures commenced.

Today, the Computer School has trained more than a thousand, seven hundred persons.

Imagine the financial status achieved by just one idea, with little or no money; but, with great faith. You too can repeat the same feat (Acts 10: 34-35). Start now!

God is all you need to have all your needs met. And faith is the key that moves God into action. By faith, you can move the mountain of debt and become supernaturally and suddenly prosperous.

You can achieve any peak in life. You can make it beyond the top. Just apply faith to that little seed of money in your hand via meditation and in less than three months from now, your story will change, from poverty to prosperity. Dare it!

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The Word contains the world you want. The Bible is the Word of God. It is God in writing (John 1:1-3; John 6:63). The Word activates your mentality. It shows you the real picture of your personality. Until you locate innovation from the Word, you’re not permitted to create anything that will last.

Every innovation that is anchored on the Word outlasts the innovator. Any music that is milked from the Word normally outlasts the person that produced it.

You need to see from the Word to make an impact on the earth. The wonders of God embedded in His Word stirs up your mind to produce.

Go for the Word. Be loaded with it and soonest, you’ll be glad you did. I’m a living testimony. The Word has completely transformed my mentality from poverty to prosperity, from sicknesses and diseases to sickness and disease-free life for close to a decade now.

Bishop David O. Oyedepo got the mystery. He took three (3) books, The Bible, and the other two books from Copeland’s family: The Laws of Prosperity (Written by Kenneth Copeland) and God’s will is prosperity (Written by Gloria Copeland).

He isolated himself and fasted for three (3) days, studying these books. And in the process, while studying Gloria Copeland’s book, his eyes of understanding, in relation to prosperity, were opened, and he shouted, “I can never be poor! I can never be poor!!!…”

His mentality was immediately transformed by the Word. And today, the world is celebrating his ministry on earth, and I am a partaker of that encounter and mystery.

Hear this: I consciously walked out of poverty through the insight of the Word (The Bible). I walked out of sickness and diseases for over a decade now through the revelation contacted from the Scriptures. “I can’t be sick!” “I can’t be poor!”  I have never had the cause to take any drug for headache, stress, malaria, or whatsoever.

Today, in my family, by the same insight, nobody takes drugs for anything. I caught the light and it ignited the entire family.

Haven’t you heard the story of The Mandate handed over to my Father in faith, Bishop David O. Oyedepo?

In 1981, precisely on the 1st of May, God instructed him to look for a place that He (God) wanted to speak to him. In an eighteen (18) hour vision, God showed him diverse kinds of men, women, and children, beaten, battered, humiliated, downcast, and buffeted by all manners of afflictions. And he cried out, “But why?” The Lord said, “From the beginning, it was not so, now the hour has come to liberate all mankind from all oppressions of the devil through the preaching of the Word of faith, and I am sending you to undertake this task”.

Hear the full story as told by him (Bishop David O. Oyedepo):

I was on a trip to Illesha, now in Osun State of Nigeria on May 1st 1981, on the look-out for the welfare of a Christian friend that I had not heard from, for some time. I was concerned, not knowing if he needed any form of attention. This was how I came into my place of encounter.

I got to this brother’s place, but he wasn’t there. There was a note on his door announcing that he had traveled. Something gracious came out of me – “All things work together to the advantage of them that love the Lord.” It was soothing; I felt no disappointment at all!

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Then the Holy Spirit said to me, “Look out for a quiet place, I want to talk to you.” This was a timely instruction because I had quite a lot of Christian friends in that town and I could have a lot of fun being with them that day.

However, I obeyed the voice of the Holy Spirit and asked a passerby if there was any hotel on the outskirts of the town, where I could lodge. And that was how I met with destiny!

The quiet place I found was one International Hotel, Illesha. It was a ‘great’ hotel, and I dislike the state of both the building and in particular the room. But I knew from my inside that I hed to be there. Behold, as I knelt down to give thanks in that wonderful room, the encounter began!

This lasted for eighteen hours. In that great vision, I saw a lineup of the afflicted and oppressed, broken, beaten, battered, the blind, the lame, and the wretched. I saw all kinds of deformities, that I was greatly bewildered. I heard their wailing as they filed past me. Their groaning was so intense that I could almost feel their pains.

I could not help it, and so I began to cry and sob along with them. “Lord, what is this?” I asked. I heard God say to me, And from the beginning, it was not so. I broke down the more in tears. In the midst of all that I kept asking, “But why Lord?” And I heard God say distinctly to me, And from the beginning, it was not so and now, the hour has come to liberate the world from all oppressions of the devil, through the preaching of the Word of faith; and I am sending you to undertake this task.

My sobbing became even more intense, as I asked the Lord, “Lord, why me?” I had always thought I would remain in the helps ministry, where I would be a blessing to the kingdom through my giving and services. However, I rose from the eighteen -hour-long vision fully persuaded of God’s call upon my life into the ministry. This was how I received the Liberation Mandate.

I spend the next few days trying to analyze the content of the vision, and to understand its import, so as to know how to carry it out.

Thus, today, the light that was handed over to one man has shined all over the world, with tangible proofs to show. At least, I (The Author) am a product of that mandate. The light is still shinning and will continue shinning forever.

Beloved, stop deceiving yourself saying that you’re born again; therefore, all things must fall into pleasant places for you. It does not work that way.

Until you locate and apply the right Word, you may end up in frustration. Until you locate and put the Word of God to work, nothing works. Struggling through life becomes the order of the day. God forbid!

Hear me; becoming rich is easy; only that people are not ready to pay the price to obtain the prize. Learn how to be rich, do what the rich do, and have what the rich have! It is that simple! Just learn, do, and have!

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See you in my next article!


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