Steps To Choosing An Ideal Life Partner According To Genesis Chapter Twenty-Four That Can Optimize Your Business Profits

How to fall in love series

how to fall in love
how to fall in love

This article reveals some important steps To Choosing An Ideal Life Partner According To Genesis Chapter Twenty-Four That Can Optimize Your Business Profits

After publishing the article, “Discover The Greatest Mistake People Make Before Choosing Their Partners In Marriage That Is Killing Their Businesses”, many of our numerous readers started pouring in questions on other ways of choosing an ideal partner.

In this article, I present the answers!

So many people are still confused on the subject of marriage. “How do I know the right person?” has been the almighty question.

However, there is no enough answer to this question. A lot of factors have to be considered. These factors are both spiritual and physical.

A wise author, writing on the title, “Dear God, send me a soul mate…eight steps for finding a spouse… God’s way” studied and highlighted eight practical steps to choosing the right partner (These were based on how Eliezer, Abraham’s chief servant, chose a wife for Isaac on an assignment by Abraham as recorded in the book of Genesis 24):

Step #1

Pray For God’s Blessing (Gen. 24:12)

God does not always give you what you want. He does give you everything you would want if you could see what He sees and know what He knows. Don’t deny your desire for a soul mate, and don’t demand that God provide one for you immediately. Instead, share it with your Heavenly Father and ask His special blessings. Put your hands on His and let Him teach you new and wonderful things. Pray that He will let it turn out favourably for you. Then, stay tuned on to His voice, and expect lots of miracles.

Step #2

Seek The Help Of Others

Asking others to help is not a sign of weakness. In fact, we expect our closest friends to know what we like and get them for us when they see them. We know that the more trusted friends we have helping us, the better our chances of finding exactly what we want. Ideally, the first person each of us should be able to go to for help is our fathers. Fathers were created to care for their families and help meet their needs, especially in finding a good mate.

If your dad has been a part of your life and your communication with him is open and loving, then go to him and ask him to help in your search for a soul mate.

If your parents haven’t been there for you because of death, divorce, or have  not been involved for various other reasons, look around for a parent substitute.

Do you have a loving stepparent? Grandparent? Aunt? Uncle? Elder brother? Elder sister? Pastor? Rabbi? Maybe you’re an older single, divorcee, widow, or your parents have died. Whatever your age or sex, maybe, you need strong, loving male or female mentoring. Ask God to show you someone who can help. If no one comes to mind, remember you can always go to your heavenly father, any place, anytime.

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Step #3

Prepare Our Best Gifts (Gen. 24:10)

It was the custom then, and still is today, to present gifts to a potential bride and her family as part of the courtship ritual. We do the same when we lavishly spend our time, money, and energy to woo another. Giving gifts that endure when the dinners are over and the candy box is empty. Give gifts of trust, shared ideals, communication, intimacy, support, leadership, loyalty, and undying love. Give physical, financial, intellectual, emotional, personal, social, and spiritual gifts.

Step #4

Look For Things That Matter (Gen. 24:16-20)

The prospective partner must be “very beautiful” He/she must be pleasing to the eyes, reasonably healthy and clean, smells good, has a sparkle in his or her eyes, and a smile. She must be single, available and of good virtue. The physical is what we see first. She should be godly and of good character. However, location, past history, and family influences can initially mold and continue to influence the character of a future spouse. Parents who are addicted and abusive will physically or emotionally wound their children, who in turn are apt to grow up and pass the same on their families. You don’t always see all of the hidden attitudes, ideal, or beliefs that stem from a family system until you’re living with it.

Marriages between two people of different races, religions, and family traditions can be burdened with an extra set of problems that are packed neatly in the baggage you bring to the relationship. Talk about these differences with trusted advisers and pray for God’s guidance. She should also be polite, cheerful, hardworking, and extremely selfless.

Note: In those days the term “virgin” could mean simply a young unmarried woman. The phrase “untouched by man” or “had not lain with man” is sometimes used with “virgin” to indicate that not only was she single and available for marriage, but also was morally and physically pure and chaste. Virgin or not, holding that special part of us aside for just the right person at the right time is attractive to everyone. You have choices, and even if you have had a previous marriage or sexual relationship, you can be determined to stay morally and physically pure until you meet your soul mate.

Step #5

Ask God For A Sign (Gen. 24:12-14)

Signs and wonders are still possible today. God is still able to lead us to the desires of our hearts; with supernatural and natural signs to point the way. God can help us find a lifetime love, but we must look and listen. From the beginning of time, men have sought signs from God, or whatever perceived divinity they worshipped, to ease their fear, worry, or anxiety. Since human nature has not changed, people still look for signs today. God still can and does reveal the future and give supernatural signs to certain people at certain times, but he also gives an abundance of natural signs to all of us every day.

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Maybe you just aren’t seeing them. Have you ever wondered why you got that precise telephone call at just a certain time of day? Or why you were chosen for the promotion over others? Or why that nice man that seemed interesting never did call you back? You need to develop sensitivity in reading the daily small signs-rather than hoping for the big ones!

Step #6

Be Willing To Wait (Gen. 24:21)

Time is a gift that helps us prepare ourselves for love and allow us to clearly see the other person’s heart. Do we want to rush into relationship that might break our heart, or are we willing to wait for True Love?

Waiting develops patience. It allows God to keep working on your soul mate. It gives you more time to work on yourself. It develops stronger emotional muscles. It allows you to see and test quality before making long-time commitment. It helps to keep you safe. It allows time to reveal truth. It can get you the best deal of all. It can reap unexpected rewards. It allows you to love others. You should wait to move to deeper levels of mental, emotional, and spiritual intimacy until enough time has passed to reveal their character and intentions, and your response to them.

You should wait until after a few dates before you put a potential mate on the “hot seat” with your stated intentions, list of qualities, and questions. But you can start L.O.V.E. on the first date with, “Tell me about your family…”

You should wait at least one year before you make a final commitment to marriage. A year takes you through a normal family cycle of holidays, work, anniversaries, and other time periods that help to reveal a person’s character.
You should wait if you’ve just ended a long-term relationship or marriage, at least a few years to do the work of stabilizing, grieving, healing, and regaining your emotional balance.

Step #7

L.O.V.E. Each other (Gen. 24:21)

While we’re getting to know each other, we can L.O.V.E. one another by Listening, Observing, Verifying, and Expressing our needs and wishes. These four simple steps can prevent us from tripping off in the selection process.

Step #8

Save Your Best For Last (Gen. 24:47-54)

Only a fool would entrust his favorite possessions to someone who didn’t care, or her heart to a stranger. Most of us have been giving away too much too soon- crying bitterly when it is thrown back at us. We must learn how to save our best for last.

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what you before you fall in love
what you before you fall in love

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