BUSINESS TURNAROUND IN FEW MINUTES Via Power House Prayer Network (PrayerNet) 

Sometime last year, a lady visited me. She told me that a ‘man of God’ told her that her business was collapsing because somebody used Juju Money (Ritual money) to purchase something from her.

This has been mysteriously taking away her money and reducing her business to nothing. I shouted, ‘It’s not possible… the prophecy can’t be for you’.

I showed her the pictures of the Scripture in Proverbs 23:7 ‘‘As a man thinketh in his heart, so he is“. I told her that because she accepted the seemingly prophecy, that was why she started suffering. But, there is a way.

I painted more pictures from Philippians 4:8, prayed and anointed her.

Few days after, she testified that everything turned around that same moment. Today, her business radiates with vibrancy. To God be the glory!

BUSINESS TURNAROUND IN 15 MINUTES Via Power House Prayer Network (PrayerNet)

A woman whom I met at the market place in the Main Market of Aba, Abia State, Nigeria, was lying down when she should be making sales. I tried to persuade her to buy some of my books titled ‘22 Reasons Why You Are Not Yet Rich and Secrets of Business Breakthrough’ and read. She told me that the major reason why she would not buy them is because of ‘bad market as a result the rain’. I rebuked her. I asked her to change her mentality and if she ended up not making sales then, my calling by God was fictitious. She reluctantly accepted.

Fifteen minutes after, according to her neighbour who later shared the testimony with me, somebody walked in and bought virtually all her goods. She started shouting, ‘Please locate that Angel for me. An Angel visited me today’. To God alone is the glory.


It was on the 9th of August 2012, on a Thursday evening, around 6:40pm when my mother called me on the phone, informing me that my younger brother who is also a Pastor was rolling on the floor not having the ability to talk nor eat. I rushed back home daring the devil to wait for me that I was going to humiliate ‘it’ by the power of Jesus Christ manifesting in me.

When I got home I was told all manner of stories that might have resulted into such act, but I knew it was the enemy at work. I rubbed the anointing oil on my palms knelt down, busted into tongues, and in less than three minutes (3mins.) the lump disappeared to the glory of God.

SWEATLESS DELIVERY Via Power House Prayer Network (PrayerNet)

On the last Saturday of December, 2012, in a Covenant naming event, a pregnant woman called me out and told me that the scan she went for revealed that her forth-coming baby’s position in the womb is abnormal(Abridged). And that it could lead to delayed labour.

I laid hands on her belly and prophesied to the baby to rightly position itself. Few days after, on the 3rd of January, 2013, on my way to a bank, she called that she was in labour. I sensed fear in her. I immediately told her, ‘Congratulations! There is no delayed labour in God’s agenda for us. I have searched the Scriptures, but could not find delayed labour or caesarean operation. Upon this understanding, I declared her quick delivery. Few moments later, she called in with a smile on her face that she has given birth to a bouncing baby boy. What a wonder! To God be the glory!!!

MIRACLE MONEY! Via Power House Prayer Network (PrayerNet)

A driver to the tricycle I chartered for the conveyance of my goods for warebill some time ago asked me a surprising question ‘Who are you?’

I initially could not understand why he asked. I answered him ‘I am a writer…’

He asked again, ‘Spiritually, who are you?’ I could not understand him. But, I reluctantly told him that I am a Pastor.

He nodded his head then testified that he had conveyed me in three occasions. But, each day he did, after I highlighted, ‘Money chases him’, quoting his words. He was always blessed richly.

I told him that such gifts are from God and not a function of my title. They happen because of the grace of God at work in the life of the carrier. They are a function of connection and the hand of God upon His servant. Today, he is richly blessed beyond bounds.

DEBT CLEARED SPEEDILY Via Power House Prayer Network (PrayerNet)

Few weeks ago, I was passing at the market place, when a young lady who has her own business shop called me.

She narrated her ordeals, she was grossly in debt. I told her what to do: pay your tithe constantly, give offering according to your level, sow other relevant seeds, save at least 10% of your income consistently without touching it, use 20% of your daily income to clear off the debt; and few other words.

Few weeks later, she saw me at the same spot, told me that she had been looking for my number to call me but she could not locate it. To the glory of God, she told me that the debt was miraculously cleared and today, God is favouring her with abundance.

Let’s share your testimonies here!

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