The Secret Book You Need To Generate Quick CASH As An Entrepreneur

Bishop David Oyedepo
Bishop David Oyedepo
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Welcome back! In today’s article, I want to bring to your notice a book review which I entitled, “The secret book you need to generate quick CASH as an entrepreneur



ecover Making maximum impact
ecover Making maximum impact

Book Under Review
Making Maximum Impact

Author: Dr. David O. Oyedepo

Publisher: Dominion Publishing House, Otta.

Year Of Publication: 2000

Reprints: 2003, 2013, 2015

Number Of Pages: 107

Number Of Chapters: 5


It is the duty of every Christian to affect the world, in other words, to make impact. This, in Dr. David Oyedepo’s words means, “Standing out among your peers; being unique, a plus not a minus, a contributor not a detractor, a distributor, not a beggar.”

It is onething to know what to be, but many are ignorant of how to go about it. This book…shows you the way and manner to be a man or woman of impact. It’s snappy. It’s sharp! It will provoke anyone to action!

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Here these:

“Don’t label yourself unlucky, you are not, neither are you disadvantaged or unfortunate. All that you are suffering today is a special case of ignorance!

“If the devil could not stop others from succeeding, how is he able to stop you?”

“Without you, the world will have no taste and is bound to decay.”

It’s time to make maximum impact!




Salvation is not an escape route to heaven; rather, it is a seal of distinction on the earth. Salvation is not just securing a visa to heaven. It is your guarantee for a life of impact on the earth.

You are born again to reign again. Everyone that is saved on the planet earth is saved to shine, not to suffer frustration, humiliation or oppression. The believer can be said to be a celebrity, someone the world should celebrate. You are redeemed to reign, not to be enslaved. That is why to die as a nonentity is an abuse on redemption, a slap on the face of God!

Making Maximum Impact is about affecting your world positively. It is about making the most of your life, standing out among your peers, being unique, a plus not a minus, a contributor not a detractor, a distributor not a beggar.

As the light of the world, the lost world should be able to get direction by observing the steps you are taking. You are a pacesetter by destiny! By virtue of redemption, the world should be learning how to go about the affairs of life by observing you.

We are in the success age of the church, an age of supernatural manifestations, undeniable results, and best of all; we are a part of it all. The quality of results you have will command the respect of your colleagues. Whenever you are located, you will stand out. Even if you are at the bottom rung of the ladder now, you must rejoice because there is a glorious future for you in Christ.


How much impact you make in your generation is a function of the kind of person you are, over and above the kind of things you do.


Be Strong

When you are wise and divinely directed, a sense of purpose comes upon you, which induces inner strength and makes you unstoppable in your journey to the top.

Be Courageous

Courage is crucial for a life of impact. It is the backbone of all commanders. In every area of human endeavour there are challenges, but courage is what you need to deal with them. It is the answer to every challenge, no matter its size or duration. With courage, no matter how tough the opposition gets, you can always subdue it. It takes courage to command progress. Courage is what moves you from phase to phase. Anyone who is very easily discouraged never becomes a man or woman of impact. There will definitely be times when nobody would encourage you. At such times, you must encourage yourself. When a man operates in confidence, he soon becomes a commander of rewards.

Be Meek

Meekness is not what you do; it is who you are. It has nothing to do with actions but your attitude. Anyone who desires to make impact must embrace meekness.

How Do I Know That I Am Meek?

Examine the fruits you produce. Every tree is identified by its fruits!

 Be Faithful

The degree of impact a believer makes is, in addition to the attributes mentioned above, a result of his faithfulness. Faithfulness has a very great effect on the quality of impact you make. Faithfulness is a requirement for fruitfulness in life. In your place of work, be known as a faithful man. Don’t mix up facts, change figures, or cover things up.

To be unfaithful and dishonest is to consciously destroy ones destiny. That is why many people, although hardworking, do not get high results. Their negative nature resists impact-making results.

 Be Merciful

To be grateful means to be thankful or appreciative. It is your depth of gratitude that determines your altitude. That means the more grateful you are, the higher you rise. Never take anything God has done for granted or else you will become grounded. Rather, celebrate every blessing in your life. The ungrateful Christian remains a struggler all his days. Instead of his business appreciating it depreciates.


Vision is to impact what air is to man. Without it man would perish. A life of impact begins with a sense of mission; it begins with a discovery of your purpose. There are too many people in the body of Christ, eating and drinking, yet going nowhere.

Called For a Purpose

Every believer has a God-ordained purpose, an assignment or a task which he must fulfill on earth. If you are born-again, you are a child of destiny. You have been redeemed to be glorified; therefore, you can expect a colourful future. Every believer is separated for a purpose, and that purpose is what we call vision. It is the discovery and pursuit of his vision that enables you to make impact.

What Vision Does

1. It enhances focus
2. It infuses energy
3. It eradicates waste

How To Discover Your Vision

1. Go Direct To The Father: Go to God in prayer asking, “Lord, where do I belong? What is your plan for my life? I know that I am a child of destiny. What is my destination? I know that before you formed me in the womb you knew me and separated me for something. What did you separate me for? “The truth of the matter is, God is eager to show you where you belong, if you will only ask Him. Life without a vision will be clad with frustration.

2. Discover Your Divine Endowment! There is an endowment inside everyone, called a gift or talent. God has given something to everyone to occupy his place on the earth. Some have five, two or just one, but everyone has something. A discovery of divine endowment is a very great avenue for locating your purpose. In case you have waited to hear from God and have not, then know that you can make a discovery of your gift from within by yourself. “What do I do effortlessly? What do I do with great excitement? What do I do that gives me fulfillment? What am I productive at?” The answers to these questions are pointers to the gift of God on your inside.

3. Make A Choice: God respects your choice. Whatever you choose becomes your lot in life. You can choose a particular career and by following the principles of God, prosper there. Note however that although God reckons with your choice per time, if He has called you to do something, your choice becomes irrelevant.


4. Have A Dream! Many people have left their future blank; they are not expecting anything, so they get there to find nothing. Your expectation will always set the pace for your experience. It is time to have an expectation for your tomorrow. What you see, the mental picture you paint concerning your future will set the pace for what you experience. What you see of your future, your expectation, is what is known as a dream.

Differences Between A Vision and A Dream

A vision tells you where you belong while a dream determines its existence. Vision sets the pace while dreams determine the extent. For instance, God has called someone to preach, but all he sees is a church of 500. In spite of the great vision he has, he will never have more than 500 members. Why? Because there is a law in place that says, “It is as far as your eyes can see that shall be given to you”

3 Things Dreams Do To You

1. They become a force that drives you on to accomplishment.
2. Dreams establish your expected end.
3. Dreams bring about the dawn of a new day for you. Every turnaround begins with a dream. No matter how young or old you may be, once you have a dream it marks a turning point in life for you.


Vision is not automatically equal to distinction. It must be coupled with action. It is purpose plus pursuit that results in achievement. Don’t sleep with the vision, don’t just talk about the vision, don’t dance with it, “Run” with the vision! A young man who wants to be a Medical Doctor, he must first know which subjects to take. Then must be prepared to give it all he’s got, otherwise, that dream will never become a reality. Many Christians know where they are going but are not ready to give it what it takes.

No matter your colour, education, gender or tribe, you can get to the topmost position in life. All you need is to have a dream and be committed to it.


Impact is a direct product of insight. Our generation will bow in awe at the things God will be doing through us. Don’t label yourself unlucky. You are not unlucky, you are not disadvantaged or unfortunate, all that you are suffering today is a special case of ignorance!

You are not a failure because somebody is against you; you are a failure because you don’t know what it takes to be a success! There is no mountain anywhere; every man’s ignorance is his mountain. It is the Word of God at work in you that determines your worth in life. To make maximum impact, you must respond positively to the Word of God. It is the Word that brings an end to frustration, stagnation, and humiliation.

Think about it, if Creation, the greatest event in human history, came as a result of the Word of God, the greatest impact a man can make will have to be as a result of the Word. At the root of every revolution is revelation, and the basis for every transformation is information. All a man needs to live a prosperous life and enjoy good success is contained in the Word of God. If you must live an impactful life, you must be prepared to launch deep into the Word. It is not enough to be saved and love the Lord, you must be saved and filled with the Word, if you desire to make impact.

How Do You Make The Necessary Discoveries?

Study: The art of studying involves a conscious search for facts, a search for heavenly information that will ultimately produce earthly transformation. That is what it means to study. Impact is a product of secrets discovered. Nothing can take the place of a studious life, not your gift, and definitely not the anointing.

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The things you need can be purchased through knowledge. Until you find it in the Word, it never comes to pass in your life. What commands result is how much knowledge you have. Nothing commits God to perform like discovered truth. Once you have found it, God is committed to confirm it, because He cannot deny Himself.

It Is A Personal Responsibility!

Responsibility is the price of greatness. There is no free lunch in life. If you do not want to die a liability, you must accept responsibility. There’s a price to pay for a life of impact. One secret discovered is enough to shoot a man to the top. I see you getting there in Jesus name!


Everyone born of God is born a star. It must sink deep into your consciousness that you are created to be a star, a pace-setter in your community, a guiding light to those in darkness, an impact maker. That’s what you are created to be!

Without the use of the mind, a man has no worth. It is the qualitative use of the mind that determines your worth on the earth. Reasoning makes rich. Your level of impact cannot be separated from the use of your mind.

The men regarded as stars in various fields today are committed thinkers. Those who desire to become stars must become thinkers. Until you become a committed thinker, you don’t become a commander. The thrones of the earth are reserved for thinkers. Kings rule by wisdom, not by strength, money or appearance. The depth of your thought life will determine your height of attainment. Nothing will take you up in life faster than the quality of your thought.

God has given us a brain so we can give Him rest. Even in the West today, there are black men who are multi-millionaires and white men who are paupers. Success is a result of the use of the senses. The brain of man is the means behind all his gains; it is the life-line of his destiny, but it does not produce great profits automatically. It must be stirred up.

How Do We Develop The Mind?

1. Through Studies: When a believer gives himself to rubbing minds with others through reading and researching, he can be said to be sharpening his mind or brain.

2. By impartation.

3. By wise association: The association you keep will either make or break you. No matter how anointed you are, the moment you begin to walk with a wrong man, you will live a wrong life.

4. By meditation:

Through separation and quietness: If you live in the midst of noise, you end up a nuisance. Quietness enhances the quality of thinking. It enhances productive reasoning. It gives strength.

Through The Use Of The Night Season: When you spend your night seasons thinking, your thought life is enhanced. Utilize the night seasons to lay hold on answers that will make inhabitants of the earth respect you.

5. By insight expectant prayer.

6. By mental exercises: To live like a wanderer without a tangible plan for your life, and jumping into every project that comes your way, is folly. Make your brain work, it will sweat but make it work. Then it will improve and develop until you become the envy of those around you.


No one succeeds by accident. A life of impact is not a product of luck. It is a costly mistake to assume that prophesies fulfill themselves. Certainly not! There are secrets that trigger them off. Hard work! If you must win, you must work. Therefore, Get busy! Invest your time! (See You In The Next Edition! Note: You can also order your own copy of the book, “MAKING MAXIMUM IMPACT” By Bishop David O. Oyedepo at any Dominion Bookstores around the world and from other notable Christian bookstores)

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