The World Is In Need Of Entrepreneurs! Are You Available? picture
The World Is In Need Of Entrepreneurs! Are You Available?

The World Is In Need Of Entrepreneurs! Are You Available?


”I just got demoted”

”I just got demoted” said Mr. Ambrose, ”The company is bleeding financially and needed to cut down on the staff’s payments in order to handle the projects at hand” he grinned. ”You’re lucky you only got demoted”, said Mr. Ben ”’At least you still have your job, sadly I lost my own job, because my company found some new tech that would do our jobs at a more efficient rate, working without pay and delivering the quality of jobs the company claims they needed”.

Our Economy Is In Deep Crisis

Not to bore you with the details, the fact is that our economy is in deep crisis following the 2008 Global Crisis, known as The Great Depression. Ever since, the purchasing power of our currency has lost its value. Our economic produce and the economy as a whole has as a result depreciated drastically. Many countries ran into so many debts in order to revive their economy, believing that more money would solve the problem, ignorant of the fact that the crisis was partially due to so much money in circulation, resulting to a depressing inflation. And now many countries are in so many debts, accumulating to more than their annual GDP.

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Another More Depressing Global Crisis Coming Soon

However another more depressing Global Crisis has been predicted to hit the world soon, and if proper measures are not taken by individuals and corporations to secure their existence, many will be washed out! Thus making the rich becoming richer, the poor becoming poorer, and the middle class wiped out. Speak about the conspiracy of the rich!

Unemployment Keeps Skyrocketing

Also with the upsurge of technology advancement, human labours are being displaced in so many sectors of the economy, resulting to the increase demand in robots and artificial intelligence that can efficiently replace the human labour, working tirelessly with no salary demand, only but maintenance charges which costs close to nothing as would be the cost in retaining human labour. Now resulting to the popular statement associated with many corporations today; ”We appreciate your service, but unfortunately, your services are no longer needed”. Sadly unemployment becomes the order of the day.

Now, what is the remedy to this crisis? What Fighting Chance Do We Have Over This Artificial Intelligence?

The solution is quite simple: if the present economy is in crisis, why not birth a better economy? If the world is advancing technologically, why not advance likewise, equipping yourself (mind) with that which the artificial intelligence is deficient of; natural intelligence. I strongly believe it is time for the birth of a new line of entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs whose mental intelligence supersedes the artificial intelligence. Entrepreneurs whose enterprise supersedes the present economy.

Robots: Too small To Replace Human Intelligence

However, the Entrepreneurship that I am referring to is ”the ability to creatively engage our minds into seeking out solutions to human problems and incompetence, and running it profitably to solve mankind problems”. Moreover the artificial intelligence is produced to make-up for human incompetence and to solve their respective problems, but they can never replace our thinking ability to actively engage in producing solutions to our problems. Think about it, while men were unable to carry heavy duties to journey, they resulted to using camels to carry their load while they journey. They later realized that while they were able to have a burden-free journey, they could not travel at a faster pace, so they resulted in carriage-carrying horses which have a provision of a carrier for the luggage and the speed of the horse for a faster journey. While men were still using carriage-carrying horses for journey, there was need for faster means of transportation, resulting to the birth of automatic machines like cars which could convey us at a more speed and less time.

Now there are more sophisticated machines which can solve our transportation problem at a more faster, and less stressful rate, and more developments are still ongoing in that regards. You can be the person to come up with better transport solutions.

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Also there was need to cross the seas, oceans and rivers in the bid to explore other places and in search for a better life, then man resulted in constructing local boats. Also there was need to cross the rivers with much loads and at a more speed, then resulting to the construction of cargo ships.

Now there are more advancement, resulting to the construction of air planes which solves the issues of faster transportation, cargo transportation and the issues of traveling across the seas.

Entrepreneurs are now engaging their minds into actively creating solutions to our problems, and using the technological advancement to integrate them into sophisticated and easy to use machine which can solve our problems in ways we can never imagine. But this is what even the latest technological advancement cannot do; it doesn’t have the ability to seek out better ways to do things. It only does as it is programmed, nothing less, nothing more. Garbage In Garbage Out.

As An Entrepreneur, Start Engaging Your Mind To Productive, Profitable And Sustainable Use!

This piece is not a blueprint for entrepreneurial activities to engage in, nor a prophesy of doom to predict when next the Global Depression will hit the world, but rather a wake-up call to start engaging our minds into profitable engagements that moves with the technological advancement in creating solutions to humanity incompetence and problems. It is high time we start asking the question ”In what better way can this be done?” Only these sets of entrepreneurs have the ability to revive the failing economy, or probably birth a better economy, and they alone have a fighting chance against the upsurge of artificial intelligence. And when next the Great depression occurs, only these set of entrepreneurs can be spared.

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