Tips For A Noiseless Successful Life

Business Success
Business Success

Have you been working without achieving a commensurate result?

Is your life stagnated and full of negative occurrences?

Then, this article might be the exact solution you have been longing for!

How It All Started

The date was the 9th of October, 2006, the day was Tuesday and the time was 10.00 p.m. I was restless and confused. I couldn’t fathom what was happening to me. I got so disorganized that I couldn’t sleep. Nature itself wasn’t happy. The picture of the night was so frightening.

The owl cried, bats sang songs of sorrow and cocks couldn’t crow. The serenity of the environment was like that of a grave yard. The sound of a pin drop on the ground could be heard from afar. Even the spirits couldn’t sleep.

I sensed in my spirit that what was about happening, even Solomon, the wisest man couldn’t have discerned with a high level of accuracy. The journey to the land of the dead came to lime light.

My phone rang, I looked at the clock it was some minutes to five in the morning, I was completely thrown into a state of bewilderment. Do I pick the call? “Why not? My inner mind insisted. But there lies the sad news from the other side of the phone. “My son is dead” my in-law cried out. My lips hanged. I couldn’t utter any other word.  He finally asked me to meet them at a hospital in Aba to enjoin others in burying the corpse. Such was my “Good MORNING” my day soured. Every plan changed.

As if this was not enough, on getting into the hospital premises my phone message tone beeped again, on scrolling the phone, I saw a text, “My oga did not grant the permission, I cannot travel to lodge in the money ….” It was a second blow. The money I was expecting to use in printing my book,  “Business At Ease” now part of the e-book, “Secrets Of Business Breakthrough” has ‘hanged‘. Already, I had already promised to pay in the money into the bank account of my printer by that morning.

For every success in life, there is a story. To every gain there is pain. Imagine these happening to you. Imagine what the day would’ve been if you were the person involved.

But listen, these are temporary defeats, they are not permanent; it is not what happens to you that counts but your interpretation thereof. I’ve always believed that no matter the ugliness of the route to success, no matter the situation of the environment, no matter the physiognomy of the economy, tough times never last but tough people do.  Have you noticed that in the realities of life, bad thing happening to good people. Why?

Reasons Why Bad Things happen To Good People

T.D. Jakes answered, “Because you are anointed!” Stop shouting, “I am a winner!” when you’ve not fought any war! You’re not a victor until the battles of your life are supernaturally overcome!

Anointed make the enemies restless. Anointing breaks the yokes of poverty and penury, even total failures in life. Every problem in life is a profound preparation for the fastest route of prosperity.

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Those challenges I narrated earlier in this article came to me as temporary defeats and not as permanent failures. They are detours to my destiny. I had to fight them supernaturally, and I’m still fighting them by the name that is above every name, Jesus Christ! His Word has changed my mindset and made me to see things, not as the world see them, but as He made them to be! I’m not ignorant of the devices of the wicked. God shall always fight my battles in Jesus name! He will always fight yours! The goodnews is that He has won ALL the battles of life Spiritually for all believers, including you. But, you just need to take physical steps to possess what God has already given you!

Sometimes, Talent Brings Torture!

Most people are talented, I mean greatly talented, yet, they produce no concomitant result!.

Unfortunately, many have been facing tortures, by the detours to destinies, because of their talents,  They fail to understand that talents bring torture. They fail to understand that anointing attracts problems. They are ignorant of the  seeming forces that tend to obliterate the successes of life.

I could remember when I wanted to publish my second book,”The Untapped Wisdom” (CLICK TO DOWNLOAD A COPY NOW), I couldn’t raise the money needed for the project. I couldn’t foresee the ending of the Journey to the successful publication of the book. I got so depressed and was about giving up when a thought came into my mind. It was the thought that miraculously changed my whole system.

A friend asked me a question “Do you believe in the book you’re about publishing? “I replied “YES” .“If you believe, then you must achieve!” he casually voiced out. He further added, “Let me inform you rightly, “if this is your talent (your purpose for existence), then, you can’t be stranded!”  “But, it takes guts to accomplish divine projects! You must succeed!” he concluded.

The remaining was history. The book was published at a record time and is still selling in the market.

Beloved, your talent needs exposition; but, it takes guts and divine leading! Success without condiments equals frustration. What then are the condiments of success?

Hear this:

Success Without Condiments Equals Frustration!

Show me a successful man, a man who claims he has arrived and I will show you a failure. Success demands “condiments” to become permanent success. If you want to get every thing you want in life, then, help enough other people succeed.

Any seeming success without a divine foundation is bound to collapse overnight. Success without condiment equals frustration.

Recalling, I approached a friend of mine, in the Northern part of this country – Nigerian, when I was about marketing my third book “Study At Ease…How To Make Straight A’s In Any Examination Without Stress” (CLICK HERE TO GET A COPY NOW) and asked him to partake in the sales, so as to make some money for himself so as to aid him register for his examination, but, he objected and accepted the status quo.

I thought that since I couldn’t give him an immediate “fish” I wanted to train him on ‘How to catch fishes’ – salesmanship. I wanted to train him in business and establish him as an entrepreneur.

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Ab initio, he saw reasons with me and followed my steps. He caught a big fish the first day. He made more than four thousand Naira (N4000) as his commission the first day he attempted. But, myopic reasoning set in and his failure began. How?

He started running with a vision but ended up half-way without knowing that every vision speaks at the end. Thus, it is a business blunder to start up a thriving business today, only not to be consistent and persistent tomorrow. It is a tragedy to start a journey which you will not end. Success is never ending. It is only when you think you’ve arrived that you start failing in business and life generally. This was the case of my friend. He became contented with just four thousand Naira (N4000) and was no more serious in his business.

Reflecting, I told him on the first day he came back from his sales, “Your success today will  either make you or mar you. If you’re contented with this, then comes your failure…“ He taught I was professing doom on him but I was revealing to him the facts of business and life entirely. He became contented with that, that singular mistake began to end his result? He failed,unfortunately, he couldn’t pick something up. He couldn’t bounce back. He couldn’t learn from that and he couldn’t achieve his targeted result.

Just a week after, somebody from the State Capital captured the vision and made more than thirteen thousand Naira (N13,000) as commission in just a day; and has been consistent in his business. Reason? I told him what happened to the other guy and same reasons why some people fail businesses. I also taught him how to read books and learn from others. And he adhered to my instructions. Little wonder his instant success.

When you start succeeding, then you’ll understand that success is never ending. But, success has attached price tags. What then are the price tags of success? Below are some of the uncommon price tags of success:

ACCESS WHERE YOU ARE NOW: It is not advisable to start a journey without sitting down to calculate where to start from. Even the Bible admonished us when it asked, “Who will go to build a house without first sitting down to calculate the cost whether he has enough to finish it?”

A lot of people are so confused in life. This is because they lack a well-documented business plan. Thus, no rudder to guide the ship of their businesses!

Without knowing where you are financially, spiritually, psychological and otherwise, how can you ascertain where you are heading to? Even if your start without determining this, it will be a journey in futility. If you must succeed, know where you’re now

ASK YOURSELF “DO I LIKE IT?” : Are you contented with the position you’re today? Do you like it? If yes, this article is not for you. I do tell people that conformity breeds relaxation and not action. When you’re comfortable with the position you’re, nobody, not even God, can alter it. It is only when you become uncomfortable with your present situation that you will be forced to do something fast to be out of such position in life. Success is never stress. “Show me a thoroughly satisfied man, and I will show you a failureThomas Edison supported.


The reason why some people fail in life is because of accepting the status-quo. All you owe every level achieved in life is to appreciate God for it, set new goals by divine leading, and go for greater accomplishments. Success is never ending, failure is never final!

LOOK FOR A WAY OF COMING OUT OF THE STATUS-QUO: This is another aspect where some people fail. We don’t search for solutions but we magnify problems. I have experienced, with great pain, the level of destruction this can cause people. I was looking at the problem, little did I know that I should forget the problem and concentrate on finding the solution. “What do I do to come out of this problem?” This is the only question that will prompt the mind (the sub-conscious mind) to go into research. That is why when you ask such question, before you know what is happening, A tangible solution surfaces– A perfect solution. This is natural. It is a natural phenomenon.

CHECK FROM WITHIN: It is a known fact that what will lift you up to that enviable height lies inside you and what will destroy you also lies inside you. This power is the strongest. It is the power that comes from within. It is the only antidote to every problem. The power from within.

When you have asked yourself the right question, your mind goes to work to unravel the solution sequel to the level of your capacity development and Supernatural connectivity. All you need do is to search your inside. The problem is you. It is your psyche that is the problem. Every seeming insurmountable problem is but a shadow. Problems are not real! They don’t harm us. They don’t destroy us rather they build us. Our thought position is always the problem. Mind what you think about today! Think about the positive things of life!

P.S: I have made up my mind to become a Social Engineer and a Blogger who proffers solutions to the seeming hydra-headed challenges and problems of Africa. This I started doing through my e-books, especially my latest e-book, “Secrets Of Business Breakthrough

Secrets Of Business Breakthrough
Secrets Of Business Breakthrough

See you in my next article!

To Your Success,

Gabriel Onyekawa,

News Reporter,

AlaNaija News,

P.S: As a top-rated Blogger, Business Growth Strategist, Author, Publisher, Word Press Geek, Internet Marketer, and Digital Journalism Expert, I can help you solve ALL your Blogging and Website needs. Why not HIRE ME now! CLICK HERE NOW!

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