Tips To Locating Your Ordained Life Partner Speedily

how to overcome marriage problems image
how to overcome marriage problems image

Why remain single all this while when you can actually possess your God ordained life partner?

Why pray for a life partner in futility when you might only work it out with your God in practical terms?

What has kept you single beyond limits?

“Marriage without information is total frustration. Many have been frustrated out of marriage and seemingly relationships because they know not what it meant or how to sustain it”

Discover in today’s article how to connect to your God ordained husband or wife and live a fulfilled life on earth and make Heaven at last!

Practical Steps To Finding Your Ideal Life Partner

Sequel to my previous article, many have been privileged to have a one-on-one chat with me on relationship issues. God’s wisdom manifesting through me has always given them their expected answers and in turn transformed their destinies by transforming their mindsets. You too can be transformed today through this article!

Feel free to follow these steps and take possession of your rightful husband or wife! (But, if you think you don’t have the time to be reading my articles consistently, kindly DOWNLOAD my e-books now! CLICK HERE!)

Be Born Again

Until you are redeemed your choice of partner is automatically by chance. Anything can happen! There is no shield against wrong choices, thus, no guarantee. Redemption is the mother of manifestation. It is seemingly difficult for you to be redeemed and still be beclouded with wrong partners. If truly you are redeemed, at least, your class and choice of friends changes, your environment, within you, changes, your choice of books and resource materials change, and many other things. Thus, at least your walks and work in life will be directed by the Holy Spirit. And if you listen to, understand, interpret and apply what the Spirit says you cannot make wrong choices in life, especially in marriage.

I remember one faithful day some years ago, on returning from church, the Spirit of the Lord told me, “You have searched for a wife, but I the Lord shall give you your own wife; only prepare yourself financially and spiritually, when the time comes, I will duplicate you”. Today, you need to see who the Lord gave me as a wife! He actually duplicated me when the time came! You too can be duplicated, seek God first and all other things shall be added unto you, including your own ordained wife (Matt. 6:33).

Be Loaded With The Word Of God

I have always said, “Until you are loaded, you are not needed” When you are loaded with the Word of God, the world will clamour to have you speak to them! The Word is the custodian of God’s power (1 Corinth. 4:20), the Word is life (John 6:63), the Word is Spirit (John 6:63), the Word is creative (Heb. 11:3), the Word is flesh (John 1:14). There is absolutely nothing that you need that the Word cannot produce for you. If you are in need of a wife, the Word can produce it.

I got loaded by the Word of God and the Lord released my wife unto me.

Be Prepared

Preparation precedes performance. Until you are prepared for marriage you might not possess your desire in marriage. It takes preparation for there to be outstanding performance. It is only those who prepare for a thing that can appreciate the thing when they see it. That is what guarantees possession. Don’t be deceived, you need to prepare for marriage before you possess your wife in marriage!

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Plan For Marriage And Not Just For Wedding

Many prepare for wedding and not for marriage. This is an error in relationships. Preparation takes years but wedding is a matter of a day. I started preparing for marriage since 2004.

After wedding comes marriage. Are you prepared for marriage or wedding? Knowledge makes the difference!

Be Mild In Your Expenditures And Invest Heavily

To be effective in marriage or any similar relationship, you need to cut down your expenditures and focus on investments that yield many returns. “Delayed gratification” plays a major role in the life of anyone that wants to prosper in any relationship or marriage. Relationships need money; they take money. But, you need wisdom to manifest effectively in any relationship. Your expenditures should not exceed your income otherwise you will run into deficit, which means debts.

Always balance your emotional life with your financial life to be fulfilled in any relationship. I started saving and investing in a higher dimension when I decided to get married. Marriage spurred me to avoid shame in life; thus, I need to prosper financial in order not to abuse relationships. Though the Scripture says that he that findeth a wife findeth a good thing and obtains favour, you still need to do some works to be fulfilled in relationships.

Learn The Art And Science Of Financial Intelligence

No matter what you know, when you lack the requisite skill for managing money, you will definitely end up in frustration. Education without financial literacy is marking time in total frustration.

To make impact in marriage and relationship, you need to learn skills in money management. This will help you secure the future of your family in later time. Stop gambling through life! It does not pay! Learn to make money work for you rather than working for money!

Separate Yourself From Your Parents And Relations

There was a case of a young man who got married to a lady he dated for over two years. But, they could not stay together as husband and wife for three days. The marriage collapsed. The lady left the man. And all hell was let loose by the families involved.

What happened? The man had no apartment of his own. He was still dwelling with his parents when he got married. He could not separate himself from his family. Thus, the devil crept in via their ignorance.

This made me to look for my own apartment first before settling down with a spouse. However, I have discovered that separating yourself from your parents and relations inwardly and becoming a mature person is one of the keys to a prosperous relationship and marriage. You are not yet emotionally mature for marriage until you have an apartment of your own. Otherwise, you are still a boy or a girl as the case may be. And boys and girls don’t marry. Marriage is meant for mature persons. Are you mature?

Be Disciplined, Determined And Desirous

Marriage demands discipline. Successful marriage doesn’t jump on people on a silver platter. It is available to disciplined men and women.

Discipline is the capital price you pay for every desired change. Discipline means doing what is required to get at what is desired. It is doing what is demanded, not what is convenient. It is the key to success. It is the gateway to distinction, the guarantee for dignity, and the key to relevance. It also means accepting full responsibilities for every outcome in one’s pursuit. Little wonder why George Washington, as quoted by Oyedepo 2005:14-15, saw discipline as “The soul of an army. It makes small number formidable; it procures success to the weak and esteem to all”. “Anyone who will move the world, must move himself” Socrates added.

It takes discipline to locate the right suitor in marriage. It takes discipline to study listen to this great masterpiece, not minding the time factor. It takes discipline to practice those contents. It will take discipline for you to accumulate riches.

Discipline makes one abandon temporary enjoyment for permanent and lasting prosperity. Discipline makes one make budgets and sees to their strict execution. Discipline creates abundance and sustains relationships. When you are not emotionally disciplined, life becomes a game. When life becomes a game, prosperity hangs precariously on the pendulum of chance. Living by chance does not guarantee success. Therefore, the future gets blur. This is the worst life to live: a life without focus.

Discipline creates direction. Discipline is the rudder which navigates the ship of life. Discipline is a currency of immeasurable value. It can acquire almost everything in life. It takes discipline to have faith. Faith is the currency that can buy you anything in life. But faith can’t stand where there is no discipline. Therefore, I make bold to say that discipline is the major key for human survival and prosperity.

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Without discipline, life becomes disastrous. No discipline, no marriage. Until you embrace this truth, your struggling remains inevitable. Marital delays and failures become a pattern of life. Sustainable marriage becomes impossibility.

Get disciplined, if you want to get the right suitor. There is no better truth than this. Outstanding performance in the future is a product of qualitative discipline today.

Have A Spiritual Father And Mentor

Every captain in aviation was trained by another captain. Every successful marriage must have an anchor. When I wanted to marry, I connected myself to reading the books of those who made in marriage; that is, those whose marriage I desire. I studied books written by David O. Oyedepo, David Abioye, E. A. Adeboye, Tim Lahaye and wife, and many other related books. If you have no father, you will lack feathers, and without feathers you cannot fly.

Get Informed About Marriage

Marriage without information is total frustration. Many have been frustrated out of marriage and seemingly relationships because they know not what it meant or how to sustain it.

Information is the major gateway to a successful relationship. Marriage without the requisite insight on the intricacies of marriage is gambling in marriage without consideration.

Before you jump into accepting an offer from a suitor, what do you know about marriage? How many books have you read? Have you ever attended any marriage counseling session or seminar? If yes, what are your results? What proofs, in terms of attitude and altitude, do you have to show?

Insight guarantees impact in relationships. Don’t marry for just love; marry by knowledge and for fulfillment in life.

I studied marriage for many years before I decided to marry. Make sure you study marriage critically from both Biblical and intellectual levels before groping for a suitor. It will help you.

Even if you’re already married and your marriage is wrecking, with the illumination of revelation and information you can alter it and bring in a positive change forever.

Beyond The Content And The Container

Unfortunately, many writers misinform the public and tell them to look into the content of an intending partner and not the container. But, I advise my clients to look for both the content and container. Above all, seek God’s divine direction before you step out to look for a lady to marry or a man that will marry year. However, you need obedience and followership to the Word of God to maximize your relationship or marriage.

Beyond the content and the container is divine direction. Obedience to the voice of God is what guarantee a successful marriage otherwise both of you are heading for a crash.

Never Marry Your Enemy

Some are married today, yet their major enemy in life is there partner. If it were possible, they would have opted out of the union. They pretend and try to persevere; yet, life to them remains frustrated without the light of love. That is why I advocate that you should not marry your enemy. Look for who you love. This is because real love covers shame and beclouds the negativities of life and sustains dignity in marriage and relationships.

I engaged my best friend and today I am not regretting doing it.

Don’t Be Equally Yoked With Unbelievers, Except You’re Still With Them (The Law Of Attraction Syndrome)

That you are in need of a life partner does not mean you should get married to anyone that comes your way. If you are a believer, it will be better for you to be alone and enjoy your singlehood, until God visits you, than to marry an unbeliever. That may be very risky! Do not be equally yoked with unbeliever! No matter the beauty of a casket, it cannot be substituted for a briefcase. It takes madness to see fire and jump into it. Fortunately, even mad people recognize fire when they see them. I am yet to see a mad man jump into fire in disguise of madness.

An unbeliever has no severed heart. Has no mind of Christ in him; thus, can casually end your life with recourse to the consequences or the aftermath. Little wonder why many have suffered divorce just few weeks after marriage, when the man must have tasted and got satisfied with what he hitherto wanted in the relationship. Be wise!

I waited until I got a believer like me, someone who carries the same spirit of the Holy Spirit like me, before I proposed. Don’t be in haste and end your destiny in shame!

Lack Of Choice Factor

Many ladies especially in Africa think that they have no choice in marriage. That is the lie of the devil. Some are even forced to marry their father’s, mother’s or relation’s friend, simply because they want to maintain the relationship or protect their assets. This is sheer stupidity!

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You have equal right of choice just like the man. Though the Word says, “He that findeth a wife findeth a good thing and obtaineth favour of the Lord” (Prov. 18:22), you still need to agree with the finder for there to be a successful marital relationship (Amos 3:3), “Can two work together except they be agree?” Thus, agreement precedes arrangement for wedding and consequent marriage. Never allow anyone deceive you be linking you to someone you don’t have affection for. Remember, it is you that will be there forever, not the seemingly match-maker.

I proposed to the lady I married today by revelation, choice, decision, and conclusion to marry her not minding her seemingly short-coming, though I cannot even trace any up till today. She also accepted me by same factors and beyond. Today, things are working out perfectly to the glory of God. You too deserve the best! Make the right choice by revelation in Jesus name!

Spiritual Intimidation Factor

I have seen many members of some denominations deceived by their leader quoting the Word of God. You hear the leader of a church say to a pretty lady, “The Lord told me that you’re my wife!” even when the Lord has not told them anything. This is because they were beclouded by the seemingly beauty of the lady. This is what I call, “Spiritual Intimidation Factor!”. That is not the way to a successful marriage.

The Scripture cannot be broken. Why did God write in Amos 3:3 that two cannot work together except they agree? Thus, you need agreement with an intending suitor to be married together. Never allow anybody deceive you!

If anyone tell you that God told him/her; tell him/her that you need confirmation first. Go to God in prayers and fasting and discover the truth. If you have peace within you, accept him/her, if not, know that it is the lie of the devil.

I proposed to my lady I married today by revelation and confirmation. Both of us heard from God before we decided to marry. Little wonder why things are working on well with us. You need insight and revelation! Avoid coerced marriage or end up in the cage of darkness and struggling.

Poverty Mentality Vis-À-Vis Marriage

A poor man is not one who lacks money. A poor man is one whose mentality is deranged and negatively programmed. Giving in marriages and relationship is a major part of the relationship (John 3:16).

Poverty reduces the value and worth of a person and makes him/her to make wrong choices in life. There is no way you’ll enjoy marriage when your mindset is not properly managed.

In my quest for a life partner, I transformed my mindset from poverty to unending prosperity and today, prosperity speaks practically upon our lives.

Your mindset is an attractor to your quest in life. Pictures of life, including marriage, are first painted in the mind before they become realities.

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24th law of love
24th law of love

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To Your Success,

Gabriel Onyekawa,

News Reporter,

AlaNaija News,

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what you before you fall in love
what you before you fall in love


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