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pst gab pix Hi, I am  GABRIEL C. ONYEKAWA (Author, Pastor, Publisher and Internet/Information Consultant). I wish to invite you, on behalf of APLESOFT BUSINESS INSTITUTE (A Pet-Project of APPLESOFT PUBLISHING HOUSE _CAC Reg. No: AB3337), to participate in the first ever BASIC BUSINESS CERTIFICATE (BBC) Training Program this OCTOBER, 2014 (FRIDAY, 10TH OCTOBER – FRIDAY, 31ST OCTOBER, 2014_ Just 4 Fridays).


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At the end of the certificate program, which is the first tier of our three (3) tiers certificate program (BBC, LBC, and LBDC), the graduants would have been equipped with the requisite skills and techniques to dramatically transform their businesses and financial lives, and also qualify to enrol for the next level of the training program (Leadership Business Certificate_LBC and Leadership Business Diploma Certificate_LBDC).

The following courses, among others, will be covered:

  • Ideation Analysis

  • Import-Export Strategies

  • Supernatural Business Financing

  • Entreprenuership Breakthrough Skills

  • Business Ethics And Corporate Responsibilities

  • Business Legal Systems

  • Business Communication Skills

  • International Marketing Strategies

  • Infoprenuership Skills

  • Computer Operation Skills

  • Investments Analysis

  • Debt Management Principles

  • Business And Family Life

And many others.

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QUALIFICATIONS FOR ENROLMENT: For ALL INTERESTED PERSONS ; hence you can listen, read, and/or write.


Purchasing of APPLICATION FORMS has started (Limited Forms Available), visit our LIAISON OFFICE at: PLOT 98B NGWA ROAD, ABA, ABIA STATE, NIGERIA  (Contact Person: EMEKA_ 08032695175) Or visit our ABA STUDY CENTRE at DIKENAFAI HALL, PLOT 38 OHANKU ROAD, OFF NGWA ROAD, ABA, ABIA STATE, NIGERIA (Contact Person: CHINENYE_ 07031859584) For Your Form Purchases And PAyments (Note: Make Sure You Collect Your Receipts At The Purchases Centre Immediately).


The program starts on FRIDAY, 10TH OCTOBER – FRIDAY, 31ST OCTOBER, 2013 (Fridays only).


Bonanza: It is TUITION FEE FREE (For the first 20 persons who purchase forms and paid acceptance fee of N3000 ONLY.)



Account Number: 0120715788

Immediately after payment, visit any of the above listed centres with your TELLER and collect receipt for your payment. Fill and submit the form at the same venue with a passport. You shall, within the next 48 hours, receive your ADMISSION LETTER, LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT/FOUNDER, MATRIC NUMBER, and other related.

Cash can also be paid at the same venue.

More details, call my DIRECT LINE: 08039335121.

Beloved, BE MY GUEST at this most awesome, life-impactful, and total transformational BUSINESS INSTITUTE ever experienced!

UFE is the focus! But, what is UFE? That was the same question that some of my previous clients and customers asked me. But, today here what they say:

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Comrade Gabriel C. Onyekawa is not just

an ordinary trainer but he digests to the core

all one needs to know as regards to business

and Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

He is a radical researcher, therefore has come across

all you need to know in this modern world of Information technology.
Chidiebere E. Mbaka (Uncle C.)
Script Writer

I didn’t believe you’re serious about

sharing this SECRET to everybody until

I saw your site this morning.

You didn’t ask for this testimonial

but I’m giving it to you all the same.

Keep it up Bros.
Chris Egbulonu
Author, Entrepreneur & Consultant

UFE is an acronym for UNDERSTANDING FINANCIAL EMPOWERMENT. Until you’re financially empowered, vision and dreams will amount to frustration. Vision and plans without information is confusion in disguise!

No matter how skillful you’re with your business plan, without money and financial empowerment, stagnation, retrogression, and frustration becomes the order of the day. God forbid! That is why God sent me to rescue you from financial decadence and business stagnation and frustration. Until you reposition your business and financial life properly, my assignment on earth is not fulfilled. I need you to be transformed to make a mark in heaven!

The reason why you’re seemingly struggling through life is because you’ve been doing the same thing, expecting a different result. That’s efficiently ineffectiveness! No! It does not work that way. The world has changed from Agrarian (Agricultural) Age to Industrial Age and now we’re in the Information Age.

But, what kind of information Age are we in? This has also formed the hub of peoples confusion today!

How can one blend with today’s trend to achieve the targeted result? How can one add more value to ones finances and life entirely? Are there new ways of doing business one needs to know? How can the internet help one in ones business?

These and many more formed the hub of our Customer Appreciation BUSINESS/FINANCIAL EMPOWERMENT TRAINING (BBC).

But, what do you hope to achieve at the BBC certificate trainings coming up on the 10th October, 2014 which ends on the 31st October, 2014 (Only on FRIDAYS)? Read the following, you can copy, paste and save them, as your standard for measuring our training (To know whether we will do as we said).


In this 3 Weeks training Program, ALL participants shall learn:

1. How To Make Reasonable Money From The Internet Through:  Mini Importation Business, Affiliate Program, and Information Product Development And Marketing.

2. Secrets About These Businesses That No One Wants To Unveil To You.

3. How To Market Via Social Media Such As Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc And Have People Literary Beg You To Collect Their Money, Even Before You Finish Posting On Your Wall.

4. How To Make Online Payments With Your Local ATM card And Also Receive Your Money Through Your Local Bank Account E.g Firstbank, GTB, Fidelity Bank, etc.

5. The specific systems that can make you massive online profits even if you have little or no technical skills … and you can do them with little or NO MONEY!

6. How to make a “secret fortune” on the Internet, even if you have no products to sell! This “top secret” technique will shock you!

7. Profit from “flipping” digital products that other people have “thrown away” and turn this “digital trash” into “digital cash”!

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8. Turn a cheap $12 online “investment” into hundreds or thousands of dollars in 7 days or LESS! This technique will blow you away!

9. Find “secret” intellectual property that you can get for pennies on the dollar and resell them for HUGE PROFITS!

10. How to create a never ending FREE stream of buyers and prospects for any product, service or business that you want to promote online!

11. How to set up UNLIMITED profit pulling websites online for FREE even if you have absolutely NO technical skills!

12. Get thousands of dollars of targeted online advertising that can bring you tons of hungry buyers, prospects and customers and not spend ONE THIN DIME to make this happen!

13. Turn one page of “online text” into a massive internet profit machine!

14. Quickly and easily create your own online information product and sell it for huge profits. It’s faster and easier than you think!

15. Make $30+ every time someone fills in a simple online form that you send them to. This “sneaky technique” is one of my favorites!

16. How To Order Products And Have Them Shipped To Your Doorstep With Or Without Money.

17. How To Secure Your Money From Scam While Doing Business Online And Offline (For Some People Are Wicked!).

18. How To Easily Use Less Than N10, 000 To Start These Businesses, No Laptop, Ipad, Or Desktop (Except You Already Have One!) And Make Untold Wealth.

19. How To Discover Hot Selling Products Online That Will Pay You Consistently.

20. How To Join The Exclusive Club Of Internet Marketing And Information Products Experts Without Officially Registering And Making Payments (And Still Be Accepted In Our General Meetings).

21. How To Get Started As A Mini Importer In The Next Few   Hours, Even If You Are Dead Broke Like I Was When I Started Out.

22. What Kind Of Products That You Can Import And Make Sales At The Speed Of Light.

23. Genuine Websites Where You Can Order And Import Your Products Without Problems Or Scam.

24. How To Print Money Legally, Even Without A Money Printing Machine.

25. How To Operate A Computer System Professionally In Less Than 3 Weeks, Even If You’ve Not Seen A Computer Before Let Alone Touching It! And Many More.



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APPLESOFT BUSINESS INSTITUTE  has over 12 courses to teach you at a 3-in-1 Diploma Certificate Program. Our lecturers are leaders in their fields and will guide you in achieving your business, financial, marketing, and manufacturing goals (Dreams). 


Learn how to:

Generate uncommon and ever-winning ideas for your vision, dreams, businesses and ministries.

Invest your money where the rich and ever prosperous invest their money.

Lead in your chosen business or career place while others follow.

Manage indebtedness and supernaturally come out of all indebtedness and live a debt-free life, having all the money you will ever need for your business.

Finance any project without borrowing, begging or running helter-skelter for money at any time.

Start and run a successful business or ministry and gainfully employ over 20 persons working harmoniously for you without being cheated or swindled of your money and resources.

turn your business mistakes to financial miracles.

make money by solving other peoples problems and challenges.

Make money from what you already know.

Operate the computer system, including laptops and ipads, professionally in less than 48 hours.

Market any product/service and make it a global success in less than no time.

Write business plans, business letters, and communicate in business terms with your clients and potential clients.

Carry out marketing research and produce goods/services that people are ever willing and ready to buy.

Import and export products to China, Germany, USA, Korea, UK, and other parts of the world without traveling, no paper works, no warehouse, no staff, and with little or no money.

Give back to the society, which gave you money and made you wealthy, without harming your vision, business, ministry or career.

Write and publish professional and best-selling books without investing a Kobo. And have your book available in over 30 nations of the world. And many more.


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