The Two Quick And Powerful Ways Of Making Extra Cash Online

The Two Quick And Powerful Ways Of Making Extra Cash Online picture
The Two Quick And Powerful Ways Of Making Extra Cash Online
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1 The Two Quick And Powerful Ways Of Making Extra Cash Online

The Two Quick And Powerful Ways Of Making Extra Cash Online

Congratulations! Your life is about being financially and totally transformed now! Guaranteed!

As a background to this article, you will bear me witness, if you have been consistently following my blog that most of the things I write about in this blog, works best when you have a website or blog. Thus, if you have not created a website yet, follow this link CLICK HERE and build one today!

Nevertheless, you will believe with me that the years you spent in school taught you many things but during all those hours spent in all those classes, never, not even for a single fifty-minute period, were you taught or shown the principles of making money, applying money to useful needs, and multiplying money. You were not even taught how to apply what you were learning in order to achieve a life filled with happiness, accomplishments and success. That is one of the purposes of this article.

But, you need to empty your mind to learn something new. I once read about the old Zen story, you too need to hear it too!

A young man had read all the books he could find about Zen. He heard about a great Zen Master and requested an appointment with him to ask for teachings. When they were seated, the young man proceeded to tell the Master everything he had understood from his reading, saying that Zen is about this and Zen is about that, on and on…

After some time, the Master suggested that they have tea. He performed the traditional tea ceremony while the student sat at attention, bowing when served, saying nothing. The Master began to pour tea into the student’s cup. He poured until it was full, and kept pouring. The tea ran over the edge of the cup and onto the table. The Master kept pouring as the tea ran off the table and onto the floor.

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Finally, the student couldn’t contain himself any longer. He shouted, “Stop! Stop pouring! The cup is full — no more will go in!” The Master stopped pouring and said, “Just like this cup, your mind is full of your own opinions and preconceptions. How can you learn anything unless you first empty your cup?”

Therefore, if you are going to benefit from this master-piece and all its mysteries, you must first empty your mind, so that you can actually learn something new. You MUST unlearn to re-learn. That is the key to success!

People are perished for lack of knowledge. People go into captivity because they know not.

Are you aware that you can have everything you want in life, if you can realize the power that God deposited in you and apply them?


Your attitude towards the inherent power in you determines your altitude in possessing wealth on earth. Everything in life has a price tag, including wealth. Until you pay the price you cannot win the prize.

I know that you have probably searched for money everywhere; but, have you searched the BIBLE?
The secret to wealth is in the BIBLE. The BIBLE is the greatest textbook on wealth creation ever written. But, you need to study to show yourself approved unto God as a workman that rightly divides the Word of truth, to have your expected result. Thus, you need to be desirous, determined and diligent to achieve results from the BIBLE. There is no other better truth than this!

Little wonder why Horace Greeley, as quoted by Catherine Ponder, in her book, “The Prosperity Secrets Of The Ages”, noted, “It is impossible to mentally or socially enslave a Bible-reading people”. The BIBLE contains the pictures of multi-millionaires and billionaire who followed “God’s Master-piece” to make it through life. Among them include: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, David, Solomon, Gideon, Jesus, Peter, Paul, Timothy, among others.

Little wonder why Copeland, in his book, “Walking In The Realm Of The Miraculous” posited, “There is a wider scope to prosperity than just financial matters and having your own personal needs met. The world measures prosperity in silver and gold, but God’s prosperity is not based on a monetary system. True prosperity is the ability to use the power of God to meet the needs of mankind. Of course, this includes finances, but it also includes all the things money can’t buy-things such as healing, peace of mind, answers to social and political problems etc. All these are a part of the revival occurring today in the earth”
The BIBLE contains revolutionary ideas that can transform anyone from poverty to prosperity, failure to success, non-entity to God-entity, powerlessness to absolute power, among others.

Power lies in knowledge and application. Thus, knowledge is not power but the application of knowledge. Hear this: The depth of your knowledge determines the height of your wealth. Wealth is a product of wisdom. It is what is in your heart that produces what is in your hand. A wrong mindset brings about a wrong handset. Your mindset determines your month pay! Therefore, nobody pays you salary but you!

In today’s article, I shall be discussing The Two Quick And Powerful Ways Of Making Extra Cash Online

This is a living article. I will continue to update it over time as I discover more new The Two Quick And Powerful Ways Of Making Extra Cash Online, as inspired by the Holy Spirit. I welcome your suggestions and feedback.

Now, let us unveil these Two Quick And Powerful Ways Of Making Extra Cash Online

Number One
Website Designing Or Blog Set Up Business

Website Designing or blog set up business is an untapped million dollars business in the world today. This is because even in Nigeria alone, the average cost of designing a website or setting up a blog is more than fifty thousand Naira (N50,000). And it takes less than two hours to do that because of the advancement in technology today.

Most large website for bigger companies and other corporate organizations go fo as much as two hundred and fifty thousand Naira (N250, 000).

Unfortunately, the minor percentage of available website designers and blog setting up expert have been over booked,; thus, making most of these people multi-millionaires.

The good news is that the money making opportunities in this business is really much from the fact that over 80% of businesses and organizations, especially among the developing countries like Nigeria, do not even have any online presence. Many of these so-called business people still do their business via crude methods; little wonder why most of their businesses fail within two (2) years.

You do not need to wait until you become a victim before you professionally become a website designer and be setting up website for others at a profit.

You can become a professional Website Designer or Blog Set Up Expert in less than three (3) days from now (If you take the right action and pay the price) and decide your own income.

My TRAINING and MENTORSHIP outfit: Gabriel Onyekawa Mentorship Program (GOMP) can help you out! I will also link you to our Business Institute, Applesoft Business Institute (ABI) for further TRAINING on three (3) categories: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced. Where you will receive the following upon registration:

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Admission letter
Letter from the President/Founder
Participation ID Card
Statement of Result and Certificate, upon successful completion of your program (s).
Free and Discounted E-Books, Podcast, Audio-Visuals, among others.

Quickly DOWNLOAD a copy of my e-book, “A Simple Guide To Website Designing” and start designing your own website or set up your own blog Now!

TIP: If you want to get started quickly, I can help you get your first website set up within 24 hours, so that you can start applying what you learn in this book to the real world. I believe that my service is the fastest and easiest way to start making money on the Internet. Click here to CONTACT ME and learn more about it.

If you are not yet fully convinced whether this business is for you or not, kindly go ahead and read my article entitled, “Own Your Own Blog”

Number Two
Content Creating And Development

A recent research reveals that there are over 3.9 billion internet users in the world per day who make more than 1.3 million Google searches per day!

Do you want to improve your sales level and make more profits? Then, wisdom demands that you reach a high percentage of these one billion plus potential customers, who go to look for information in search engines.

This process indeed requires creativity, persistence, networking, consistency, and strong social skills. These are what will make your products and or services seen and probably purchased.

Someone wrote, and I concur, “Links, CONTENTS, and RankBrain are the three (3) most essential ranking signals in Google Search Algorithm”. Thus, CONTENT is king.

Great CONTENTS mean great ranking and backlinks (Never mind the seeming big words, I will personally teach and mentor you to understand and apply them. Just locate me through WhatsApp, Contact Page, E-mail or any other means)

When your contents are consistently patronized, to Google, which has a market share of 90% in the search engine industry, it signifies you are valuable, useful, and credible. You content attracts votes of confidence (Trust) to you. It also make your site authoritative. And that means MORE SALES, MORE PROFITS, MORE MONEY and SUSTAINABLE RETURN BUSINESSES AT HIGHER PROFITS!

Would you like to be writing such contents: Articles, E-book, Paperback Books, E-zines, Blog Posts, Press Releases, among others?

Then, I can professionally TEACH and MENTOR you! Even if you have been doing it for many years but without any tangible result, my training and mentorship will change the story into glory. Trust me!

I was once like you, struggling to make ends meet.
A few years ago, I was a Computer Training Centre owner. Actually, you could say the training centre owned me. I worked long hours being what is popularly called a Computer Instructor. I did everything from paying the bills to training the participants. At the end of the day, I earned barely enough money to get by and I never had the opportunity to enjoy life as it ought to. I was literarily struggling to survive. People were celebrating me, but, I was the only one that knew that I was poor and struggling.

The fact is that my financial life was pretty difficult at that time. Nevertheless, I did not give up! I was optimistic and always searching for ways to achieve true financial freedom.

One day, I picked up a book called “Multiple Streams of Income” and another book by the same author to study. That was the beginning of my transformation.

Though, as a voracious reader, I had read many best-selling and life-transforming books before these two books but, these books greatly launched me into The Laptop Lifestyle I live today; doing genuine and impactful businesses using digital and Internet tools.

I read the two books consciously cover to cover. And upon applying the contents through divine leading, my life changed.

It taught me, in very simple terms, that having money is a good thing and that not having money is a bad thing. It illustrated the point that it is essential to develop multiple streams of income.

Thus, one job is not enough. Same way, having one investment is not enough. And may I shock you again? Having one business is not too!

If you are only relying on one stream of income, you are setting yourself up to be broke one day and the fact is that 85% of the world’s population grows old and dies financially broke. That’s because most people do not have multiple streams of income.

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Knowing that one stream of income is not enough, I got busy finding ways to make more money through avenues other than my “day job”.

I delved into Information Marketing through the Internet with focus on Blogging on such subjects as Entrepreneurship and Personal Finance.

Things began to change.

Later on, I made an impressive discovery when I got to know that ordinary people were getting on the Internet and starting small businesses that made big money from the comfort of their own homes using nothing more than a personal computer and an Internet connection. I was intrigued by this idea.

Just the thought of being able to make a living using nothing more than a laptop computer and the Internet sent chills down my spine. I got started immediately.

Though, as at this time I had abandoned the Computer Training centre business and gone into Network marketing Business (As a proof, see some of the products I was selling through this link. CLICK HERE!)

After going out in the day time to attend the Network Marketing Seminar, do my personal prospecting and sale some Health products (Supplements) I would brew a cup of Alkaline Coffee and get online for a few hours (usually between midnight and 4 a.m) trying to learn how to make money online. I knew other people were doing it. I just had to figure out how to do it myself.

I will be honest with you, it was not easy.

Everywhere I turned, somebody was promising to make me rich if I joined their business opportunity or become a member of their site/WhatsApp group or bought their latest e-book.

Before long, I became indebted owing to their gimmicks and cluttered my laptop with various pseudo-e-books, membership site passwords, affiliate prlogram welcome letters/login details/links and Internet marketing guru newsletters.

The truth actually was that my head was spinning with money making ideas and information, I later painfully discovered that the only people making any money that I saw were the people whose stuff I was buying or so it seemed.

However, with time things began to make more sense. I started making a little bit of money using some of the online marketing strategies I was experimenting with and gradually that little bit of money I was making grew into a full-time income.

My dream of making a living from home has come true.

The purpose of this article, “The Two Quick And Powerful Ways Of Making Extra Cash Online”, is to share the information that has helped me create a successful online business so that other people who are hopeful of making money online will have a fighting chance for success.

See, you have to be careful when you get online with hopes of making money because there are literally thousands of scams and scam artists waiting behind the veil with sophisticated and highly tuned strategies for ripping you off.

One of the reasons I give this huge 2,500+ words content-rich article away for free, is because I want to help as many people as possible avoid the scams and learn the truth about what it actually takes to make money online.

With the facts in hand, you can decide for yourself whether or not you have got what it takes to succeed in the Internet marketing industry.

Note: My highly recommended e-books, “How To Write Your Own Book And Publish it Without Spending A Kobo”, “A Simple Guide To Website Designing” and “Secrets Of Business Breakthrough” are MUST READ if you through want to be successful doing PHYSICAL or DIGITAL BUSINESS. Click on your choice e-cover for Instant DOWNLOAD. To access other e-books and paperback books I have written LOCALLY (Click Here), GLOBALLY (Click Here)

To Your Success!


P.S: Feel free to CONTACT ME or HIRE ME if you desire my TRAINING and PROFESSIONAL MENTORSHIP through this CONTACT FORM (Click Here To Access It) or chat me on WhatsApp: 09073308104 (If you are within Nigeria) or +234 9073308104 (If you reside outside Nigeria)

P.S: You have my words to SHARE this article to your contacts: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, WhatsApp, etc

In your own view, what are the other quick and powerful ways of making extra cash online? I would also like to hear from you. Use the COMMENT box below and air your own opinion. It’s absolutely FREE!

Kindly DOWNLOAD THESE three (3) E-BOOKS and learn more about blogging, content development and business breakthrough secrets (CLICK the pictures to DOWNLOAD them):



A Simple Guide To Website Designing E-Book
A Simple Guide To Website Designing E-Book
Secrets Of Business Breakthrough
Secrets Of Business Breakthrough
how to write your own book and publish it without spending a kobo
how to write your own book and publish it without spending a kobo
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Waooooo! You killed it, alot has been learnt. Thank you for sharing such a powerful information to the public. Make out time and read it and you won’t regret reading it