Why Vision Is Important For An Entrepreneur image
Why Vision Is Important For An Entrepreneur image

The discovery of vision is the foundation for wealth creation. Wealth Creation is the act of discovering and applying the power to get wealth and receive abundance in returns.

Wealth Creation could be seen as the discovering of opportunities, utilizing those opportunities to generate the required expected results (objectives). It is synonymous with having abundance of money and other resources needed for our full manifestation on earth.

I have always said, “Until you have vision, you can’t create wealth”.

What then is vision?

Vision is the discovery of purpose. (N.B: purpose is the reason for a thing. It is that singular assignment that God wants us to accomplish on earth; Jeremiah 1: 5; Galatians 1:15-16).

However, the pursuit of vision is Ministry or Business. Until purpose is discovered, vision and consequent manifestation on earth are not in view. Until you identify your own calling, wealth creation and abundance on earth can’t be achieved.

How Can I Discover My Purpose on Earth (Vision)?

   I) Be Born Again: Salvation guarantees manifestation ( 6:33). Until you repent, access to revelations (the hidden secrets of God) is not in view. God is a God of mysteries, little wonder why Jesus Christ came on earth and spoke in mysteries. It takes mysteries to become master. And vision is one of the mysteries that can make you a master on earth. We are created to have dominion on earth (Gen. 1:26-28). Until you are born again, you can’t have it. Be born again and you’ll become sensitive to the things of the spirit.

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ii) Be Filled with the Holy Spirit: Being born again is the foundation for a Christ-like life. But, you must be filled with the Holy Spirit to make impact on earth (Acts 1:8; Acts 2). Have you cared to ask why same Peter that could not stand for Jesus at His death point was able to convert over 3,000 unbelievers when he was endued with the Holy Spirit? It takes the Holy Spirit to access power and manifest purpose on earth. Think about this!

iii)    Consciously Ask For It! What you don’t desire, you don’t deserve. Until you desire a thing, it might not be given (Matt. 7:7-8). Desire for the purpose of God for your life (Vision) is what guarantees your receipt. To discover vision, ask God for it. Ask God in prayer and fasting (Prayer of enquiries).

    iv) Go For The Word: The mysteries of God are wrapped up in His Word (The Scripture). Until you locate the right Word for your life, manifestation is not guaranteed (John 6: 63; John 1:1-5; John 1: 14). As you look unto the Word, every darkness in and around you will be terminated (John 1:5). However, you can locate the Word by listening to great messages by the spirit of just men made perfect (Great men of God), reading and studying the Bible, reading and studying great Christian books and literature, fellowshiping with others at churches and Home cells and being sensitive to the things of God.

   v) Be Meek: To be meek means to be teachable. It is only the meek that has access to the deep things of God (Vision). Until you’re meek, you can’t have access to God’s vision (Ps. 22: 26; Ps. 25:9; Ps. 37:11; Ps. 147:6).

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   vi) Pursue Your Passion: Of a truth, vision is the opposite of ambition. Vision is selfless while ambition is selfish. Vision is from God while ambition is man-made. Vision is revealed by God while ambition is of man.

Thus, vision is from the heart while ambition is from the head. However, a lot of you are seemingly frustrated and stagnated because you have been waiting for God to speak concerning His vision for your life.

You just want Him to say, “My son (or daughter), I have called you to be a shoe manufacturer or a Barrister or a Medical Doctor or a Tomatoes seller…” Yes, it’s possible for God to speak that way. But, it’s rare!

When you have not heard clearly from God what to do on earth, look inwards; what is it that you’re passionate about? Start doing it. Just do something. It may be a pointer to God’s vision for your life. And soonest, you’ll see that the vision of God for your life has been fulfilled.

Stop saying, “I’m waiting for God’s time!” in ignorance. Otherwise, you’ll be grounded. God forbid! Not for you!!!

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