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As we come closer to the end of the year, it is pertinent to teach our beloved readers some of the seeming secret tips for a prosperous year ahead.

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Hear this: Purpose discovered and not pursued is purpose abused. Thank God you have discovered your purpose in life (Vision). However, remember that the pursuit of purpose is the real definition of business or ministry.

The only difference between business and ministry is that business is the manifestation of gifts while ministry is the manifestation of callings of God. “The gifts and callings of God are without repentance”.


Take The Following Steps:

Have a Plan

Planning is the first practical step in the pursuit of vision. Failure to plan is planning to fail. Planning sets the pace for setting the extent of a vision, achieving it, and measuring the achieved against the targeted. Until you have a target, you become a target for failure and stagnation. Planning involves goal-setting. A goal moves you into action. It makes you get MAD (Motivated, Aggressive and Determined) in accomplishing a purpose. A life without goal makes you a goat. A life without target makes you the target. Imagine a football match where there is no goal-post, when will the match end? Imagine a race without a targeted ending point, how do you determine the winner? The problem with most people is that they know how to be rich, but, the extent of their richness is never anticipated. For some, “As long as I can eat, pay my children’s school fees, pay rent,…I am okay!”. That is poverty in disguise. Be determined. Know what you actually wanted. Think big. And soonest, you shall be a wonder to your world. God is a God of wonders (Exodus 15:11).

As the year is about to begin, what is your financial goal? How much precisely do you hope to achieve in the next year, five years from now, fifty years from now? Or, do you want to gamble through life just as you have gambled with this year thinking that God was unfaithful to you? If you already have a financial goal, how do you hope to achieve it? What are the definite and concrete practical steps you hope to take to accomplish your financial goal? What marketing strategies do you hope to achieve? How many employees do you hope to bring into the system (if you have any) to act as leverage to your success? Think about these!


Take A Step

Inches make champions. A race of a thousand miles starts with a step. Because you already have a plan, taking definite steps will be easy. I am a living example. Those I have been mentor to, in businesses and NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) startment and running, are witnesses. Taking practical steps for the accomplishment of a vision becomes easy and result-oriented when the plan is on ground and analyzed spiritually and physically. Just one step per time is enough to make you a great success soonest.

Hear this: when God asked me to write one of my books,”Sudden Wealth Creation Strategies”, I knew that millions of copies would be sold because I am a big thinker. I penned down the plan and strategies for marketing. On sitting down, I wrote the first letter and before I knew it, the manuscript became ready for publishing same day, the next day, it was already with the publisher.

Just take the first step NOW!

Be Persistent

Hear this: New level in life attracts new devils. Life does not give anybody a fair chance for survival. It can’t give you a chance. But, the strategy for being a winner and ruling over life is to take a chance. Be in-charge. Be persistent regardless of the seemingly changes that want to put fear in you and hinder your manifestation. Move forward despite the challenges and seemingly needs and soonest you’ll see that your fears are mere illusions. FEAR means False Evidence Appearing Real. Stop being afraid! Go for the accomplishment of that vision and as long as the Lord liveth, you shall be celebrated soonest.

Persistence is the heart-beat of champions. They never die. They never give up. Until you’re persistent, you might not be fulfilled in life, because vision pursuit and accomplishment guarantee fulfillment in life. When not achieved regret becomes the order of the day.

 Have A Mentor: Need I tell you what happens to a ship without rudder? Or, what happens to a blind man without someone leading him? Same thing applies to a person who ventures into ministry or business without a mentor. A lot of us miss it in life because we don’t want to have someone who check-mates our excesses. A mentor is someone who looks at what you’re doing wrong and corrects you. He/she directs your steps towards success because he/she has been there. However, in choosing a mentor, age, proximity (nearness), educational qualifications are factors to be considered. But, most often, they are the practical factors that disqualify a person becoming your mentor. Please, look for people who have accomplished what you want to accomplish genuinely and have them mentor you. Never be attracted to a person because of his/her certificates, closeness to you, or age. Certificate does not mean certification. Neither does professorship equal professionalism. You can be mentored from a distance. Go for their books, messages through tracts, tapes, VCD, audio CD, DVD, and other related materials.

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Personally Supervise Your Business/Ministry: A lot of businesses have collapsed because their owners are not constantly supervising the operations of the business/ministry. To be fruitful in your business/ministry constantly supervise it. Check the books of account. If possible, employ the services of auditors (accountants), legal advisers, financiers, etc to assist you in this service . However, let all be according to your directions because you are the caretaker of the business/ministry while God is the director (Isa. 48:17). Should there be any crash, God will ask you what happened! Be careful ! N.B: Make sure you have records of all your transactions (Income and Expenditures) documented and analyzed accordingly.

Be An Entrepreneur: Note: An entrepreneur identifies a need in the market, plans himself/herself, and takes full and maximum utilization of that opportunity to make profits. Therefore, identify a need and fix it. Don’t do what others are doing. That is lack of initiative. Be creative. Look for areas of expansion in your business/ministry and take advantage of them.

Have Savings And Never Borrow: This is a must. Don’t make your stomach your bank account. Lay a solid foundation for yourself. Invest into assets and not liabilities. Acquire lands and housing property. Note: A car can be an asset as well as a liability. When your car is adding value to your business/ministry or putting money into your pocket, then it’s an asset. But, if it’s consistently taking away money from your pocket without adding value, then, it’s a liability.

Above all, never borrow. Borrowers are slaves to the lenders (Prov. 22: 7-8). You’re only permitted to lend and not to borrow (Deut. 28:12). Have you ever asked yourself why it’s easy to borrow than to pay back borrowed money? The spirit that supports borrowing is a negative spirit which fights to keep you down and stagnated instead of taking you up. It takes a greater grace to come out of indebtedness. It only takes the mercy of God for a man receives nothing except it be given him from heaven (John 3: 27).

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Be Positive And Praiseful: Never accept defeat. Never speak negative. Never act negatively. Be praiseful in all situations. Be hopeful. Let your faith be in place and you’ll become a winner indeed.

You can’t praise God for what you’re yet to see without God accomplishing His Words. God is too faithful to fail His Word. However, thanking God for what you’ve not seen is great faith. For Now faith is the substance of things hoped for; the evidence of things not seen (Hebrew 11:1) Without faith, it’s impossible to please God (Hebrew 11:6).

Praise turns captives into captains. It terminates fear and frustrates negative thinking. Praise is the plural form of prayer. It makes things work.

As part of the concluding part of this write-up, I shall be publishing another article within this period to further reveal to you more practical steps to take in the forth-coming year so as to emerge a giant in the midst of dwarfs.

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To Your Success,

Gabriel Onyekawa

Field Representative,

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