This Is What You Need If You Must Succeed As An Entrepreneur Image
This Is What You Need If You Must Succeed As An Entrepreneur Image

Someone erroneously wrote, “As long as you are adding value, whether as a career person or a business owner, you are an entrepreneur!” This is wrong!

An entrepreneur is someone who owns a BUSINESS SYSTEM and leads PEOPLE (Not ‘using them’) to run the SYSTEM for him/her at a MUTUAL BENEFIT (Note: This must not necessarily be MONEY).

Believe it or not, anyone who owns the BUSINESS SYSTEM where you work is in FULL CONTROL OF YOUR TIME!

And, whosoever that controls your TIME controls your LIFE. Period!After a while now, sequel to the fact that we have been working to upgrade our website,, I write again on the subject of ENTREPRENEURSHIP.

Hears me, Real Entrepreneurs Are Calculated Risk-Takers! Thus, If You MUST succeed As An Entrepreneur, You MUST Learn The Art And Science Of Taking Risk!

Risk is needed to make impact in life. Any life without risk is life without results. A risk-less life is a risky life. It is even risky not to take risks in life.

Anytime in your life when it seems you are no more taking risk, check your results, it may be that you are stagnated without knowing it. Thus, at that point, you must ask God to give you more risk to take. Risk is part of the makers of men.

If you want to be an entrepreneur, be ready to take risks; do not just be like the man whose story was narrated in the parable of the talents that Jesus narrated:

The master of the house was leaving for a long trip to a foreign country. He delegated the responsibility of managing his goods to three different servants. To the first, he gave five talents, to the second, he gave two talents, and to the third servant, he gave one talent. When the master returned, he invited the three servants to account for his treasure. The first proudly handed him back ten talents instead of five; oryhe Stdoubled the master’s money and the master was pleased. The second, likewise, produced four talents from the original two. The master was very pleased with both. But the third servant cowered and said, “I was afraid, and went and hid your talent in the ground. Look, there you have what is yours” the master got annoyed.
The third servant took no risk whatsoever and his talent yielded no returns. God took risk in creating the world, if not, why did He regret in Chapter six of Genesis, precisely in verses five and six? Hear this:
And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.
And it repented the LORD that he had made man on earth, and it grieved him at his heart.

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Entrepreneurship, just like every other affairs of life, involves a lot of risk. That is why if you must venture into entrepreneurship, you must be ready to take the consistent risk that poses your way. If you avoid taking risk in entrepreneurship, you will end up a nobody in your line of business.

However, Brian Tracy wrote a wonderful book titled, “Eat That Frog” which focuses on how to avoid procrastination and maximize impartation. If you have not read it, get a copy of it and read. It will impact into you the grace for avoiding procrastination and taking unimaginable risks in life.

If you must succeed in entrepreneurship, you must dare the unimaginable and do the impossible to achieve the unthinkable among men. That is the key that generates tangible profits for the globally celebrated entrepreneurs like Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, John D., Rockefeller, and others.

Real Entrepreneurs Are Innovators And Speculators

Innovation is the mother of renovation. The walls of most business buildings have collapsed and other economic structures have fallen because of lack of innovation and creativity. It is only innovation that can renovate them and give them a face-lift.

Innovation gives you an edge in the entrepreneurial world. You cannot be innovative and end up a failure in entrepreneurship, except you are not disciplined.

Innovative people are highly creative. They do things other entrepreneurs never imagined or thought of. They are practical and realistic solution providers. They solve the world’s hydra-headed problems. They determine the pace at which the world grows.

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Remove innovators from the face of the world and the world will be stagnated and stinking. Just as every stagnant river stinks, so is a nation that lacks innovators. Innovators add value to the gross growth of the nations of the world.

For you to be an entrepreneur, you must be an innovator. You must be ready to innovate things and at the end make impact on earth. No business can survive without innovation.

Thus, an intending entrepreneur must have the ability to innovate and anticipate trends. This will add value to the vision and corporate objective and give him/her an edge in the marketplace; thereby generating untold profits to him/her.

You must have enough ideas on how to market and distribute your products because a good created or service rendered, without reaching the final consumers or users, makes no sense.

You must also know how to monitor your competitors and their product movements. You must have sound public relation ability. You must also learn to accept responsibility for any failure. Thus, you must not blame others for your entrepreneurial failures.

Note this, for you to be an entrepreneur, you must know how to identify entrepreneurial opportunities, mobilize and organize the resources to tap the opportunities.

You must also be careful in implementing your plans to achieve success in your entrepreneurial endeavours.

In addition to these attributes, you must possess sound judgment, foresight, being purposeful and morally sound abilities; otherwise you will make money to your own detriment.

Summarily, genuine entrepreneurs see opportunities in problems, marshal resources and create values out of seeming problems and challenges.

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