Make money from facebook
make money from facebook

5 Ways To Earn Money From Facebook Blog post

Thank you for your interest in reading today’s blog post on the 5 Reasons You Need A Facebook Account As A Business Person on my business blog, I’m glad you’re here!

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What I am about sharing with you changed my life and it will change your too, if you consciously apply what I share herein this blogpost, “5 Reasons You Need A Facebook Account As A Business Person”

May I confess that I have read a lot of books on blogging and digital operations but recently I read, “Crush it” by Gary Varnerchuk (2009) and made the discoveries I share in this blogpost:

#1: Facebook is the fastest-growing social networking site in the world, attracting everyone from preteens to grandmas and grandpas. Take advantage of this. Curate and/or create contents that readers would like to read. Monetize the contents later.

#2: From Facebook, you can share photographs, articles, videos, as well as information about where you’ve traveled and what music you’re listening to, however much of your private life you want people to know.

#3: Facebook is an easy, fun platform. Let not your passion be only to make money alone. Have fun while making money on Facebook. Make your contents attractive, entertaining, and information.

#4: Facebook provides you with majorly two places from which you can talk about your business:

  1. Your normal profile.
  2. A fan page, which offers entrepreneurs the requisite visibility their businesses need to scale and profit sustainably.
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#5: There are privacy settings on Facebook that allow you to compartmentalize groups of contacts and friends so that some can only see certain parts of your Facebook page, like the Information page where you might put your professional history, and not others, like your status updates where you might mention you’re hangover.

Beloved, I must confess that I have never been maximizing the usage of Facebook until I started reading about social platforms and their benefits. It was not funny, though the discovery brought happiness to me and offered my staff and I the right brand equity we needed to skyrockets our business.

You too can take advantage of Facebook platform and give your business (products or services) the requisite lift it needs to move to the next level.

Believe me, if you’re telling your story well and putting out awesome content, there’s no reason they won’t return and bring more friends with them.

Learn to use Facebook well as a social marketing tool for your business. What do you think? Use the “Comment” section (Link) below to air your views and I’ll reply or connect with me on WhatsApp: +234 907 330 8104 or better still, “Buy My Books”

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