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In today’s article focus shall be on, “Demystifying The INTERNET…What They Might Not Tell You About Netprenuers!” I believe you read our previous article before coming to read this one? If not, click here to read it now!

Hear this, You can’t be thinking and behaving like others and make it in the Internet world! There must be a paradigm shift in your mentality and consequent attitude and character to prosper on the Internet today! Little wonder why many have wasted their resources (Time, money and other valuable resources) in the process of doing Internet Business. But, it shouldn’t be so!

Sequel to this, ALANAIJA MAGAZINE aims at re-orientating you on the whims and caprices of Internet Marketing Business; and the consequent generational wealth that follows.

  • What is the Internet?
  • How does people make money from the Internet?
  • How can you make money on the Internet?
  • Are there risks involved?
  • Can one be scammed?
  • How can one avoid the seeming scam online?
  • What types of businesses do they do on the Internet?

These and many more we shall be answering in the course of this series, “Demystifying The Internet…”.

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NETPRENEURS: Their Practical Attitudes And Actions

Internetpreneurs, also known as Netpreneurs think differently. They know that change means opportunity for someone in the game. They look way beyond their past online transactions or the recent commission checks.

Their website is part of their lifestyle. Thus, they live “The Web Lifestyle”. They live and breathe everything Internet: Their clients, their affiliates, their products and services.

Having such mindset makes a huge difference in what they do to reach their goals.

The online medium practically changed they way they live, work, plan, and communicate.

They are indeed rare gem! Are you part of them or are you just watching, waiting and wasting? Think about this!

Remember,if you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always gotten. But, if you’re ready for change, you’ve come to the right place,

Keep reading our articles and studying our resource materials, soonest, you’ll emerge the king of Internet Marketing/Information marketing.

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