7 reasons you should never become poor this year
7 reasons you should never become poor this year

Beloved, God is faithful! I spent many days writing some unimaginable books, which were published recently in the United States. You can have a feel of them, and order your copies, if you so desire (By clicking this link).

Today, one of my trainees sent to me some seemingly facts of sex, love and marriage. Let me share what he sent to me with you:


love speaks

Sex and its rewards go beyond mere orgasmic releases. That is only momentary, immediate reward of the physical activity – There is more to be harvested from the field of sex.

Here are some benefits you may not know about sex:

SEX BOOSTS YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM: It has been noted that those with very active sex lives fall sick less often than others. Sexual health expert says that the sexually active have more anti-bodies protecting them.

SEX CAN HELP KEEP YOUR BLOOD PRESSURE IN CHECK: Sex has also been medically proven to lower blood pressure. Researchers concluded that sexual intercourse significantly lowers systolic blood pressure.

SEX HELPS STRENGTHENS WOMEN PELVIC MUSCLES, GIVES BLADDER CONTROL: About 30% of women suffer incontinence at some point in their lives. Interestingly, it has been found that strong pelvic floor can help avoid it. Regular sex is a good work out for your pelvic floor muscles. The contraction that occurs during orgasms strengthens them.

SEX LOWERS THE RISK OF YOU HAVING A HEART ATTACK: Your heart benefits from sex too. Sex keeps the estrogen and testosterone levels safe zone, saving you from heart diseases.

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SEX IS EXERCISE, IT KEEPS YOU FIT: You burn a lot of calories during sex, so it is an interesting form of exercise you should add to you routine. You should add it to your regular exercise for maximum effect.

SEX LOWERS RISK OF PROSTATE CANCER IN MEN: Men who have sex regularly are also less prone to prostate cancer. The ejaculation process helps. However sex is lightly beneficial. It is not a cure for cancer though.

SEX HELPS YOU SLEEP: Most times, because sex has a way of loosening your body, you notice you fall asleep. It’s normal, just one of the pecks of good sex caused by the release of the hormone prolatin. It keeps you relaxed and induces sleepiness.

SEX HELPS EASE STRESS, ANXIETY: During sex, your body releases a “FEEL-GOOD HORMONE”, a chemical that boost your brain’s pleasure and rewards system. This hormone is released during sex and other intimate acts like kissing, and other touching.

SEX KEEPS YOU YOUNGER: Sexual health experts have also noted that those who have sex regularly tend to live longer and look younger than their age mates.

Though sex will not solve all your problems, it does help you in a lot of ways.

I believe you enjoyed this write-up. Be a partner to this vision by getting at least a copy of my books.

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