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Accessing A Cheap Hosting Service

Setting up a website or a blog in today’s world is no more rocket science. It is easy to do! And you can set up a website or blog in less than 5 hours. All by yourself. Of course, there are some cheap hosting services you can access.

The five (5) Practical Steps To Take

In this blog post, I want to show you the five practical steps you need to take in order to set up your own website without engaging the services of a third party and enjoy a cheap hosting service.


Choosing a niche for your website or blog is easy. All you need to do is to master the art and science of keywording, SEO and web or blog ranking (Not to worry, soonest I will blog about them. But, if you want to learn them pretty simply get a copy of my e-book, “A Simply Guide To Website Designing” or sign up for my Professional Blogging Master Class on Bloggers Academy)


This is one area that has posed a lot of challenge to intending bloggers and web developers. However, I have the solution.

I just discovered a domain name and hosting company that is offering promos on their packages. This company was founded in the year 2000 in Los Angeles, California.

Within 12 years they built a reputation of the company that provides quality services to over 800,000 clients over the world.

Since the start in 2000 till now, over 3,000,000 domain names have been registered through their website, over 30,000 SSL certificates have been purchased and over 100,000 sites have been hosted on our servers.

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Their services make it easy and affordable to buy multiple extensions of a domain and they offer a lot of free useful features along with WhoisGuard protection to keep the identity safe, Email and URL Forwarding options, Dynamic DNS, among others.

They are constantly working to widen the range of their services, to provide you with more features and to make your experience with them more comfortable.

Among the BENEFITS of getting your domain name and hosting with them include the following among others:

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A host of amazing offers and useful content to help you #CreateFromHome movement.

A giant cursor hovers over a window

Creative vibes

Quick and easy way to start a new online project.

A great, low-cost domain whether it’s for a blog, website, e-shop, or anything in between.

99.9% uptime. Their uptime is good which means that your website should be reliable and suffer from minimal downtime.

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Backups of your website data, this only occurs once every 3 to 7 days, which is a long way behind some other competitors who perform regular backups every night.

Access to a support system through their ticketing system or 24 hour live chat facility and their response times are pretty rapid.

Access to an online knowledgebase with helpful videos and tutorials to answer the main questions that are raised.

Business customers are given priority support over other shared hosting customers, so this is a factor to bear in mind when choosing your web hosting provider.

Their shared hosting offers the latest version of the cPanel control panel with all their plans. (Note: A cPanel is a popular choice because of its user friendly interface which is accessible by both novices and experienced users alike).

Customers can also access Softaculous to obtain 1 click installations of top applications, and their hosting packages are e-commerce ready.

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Their web hosting is one of the most inexpensive options available and is a good choice for anyone wanting to operate a website on a budget.

There is a reasonable range of packages available that should meet the needs of most private individuals or small businesses.

One of their best features is the unlimited bandwidth which comes as standard with all packages, even the starter level plan. This is an improvement over some other competitors which restrict bandwidth on the basic level plans.

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You can use PayPal as a payment option, and you can transact with them everywhere you are in the world.

The entire setup procedure is well-guided. Thus, you will be able to set up your website quickly.

Mail forwarding can be done for free.

Domain registration is simple and fast.

Bandwidth is unlimited.

You can utilize a wide range of additional services.

They offer one of the most economical rates in the web hosting market.

They provide a comfortable user experience. Its interface is neat and  intuitive.

They deliver reliable support, both at the level of chats and emails.

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They have a vast network of servers in the United States and Europe.

Their control panel is easy to use and simple.

The entire purchasing process transparent and fast.

They provide FreeDNS, its own advanced DNS hosting, for those people whose registrars do not offer DNS hosting along with domain registration.

You can have plenty of domain name extensions.

Initial domain registration costs are more practical, ranging from 0.88 cents.

Selling and buying domains is easy and fast.

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Believe me, in today’s world, you do not need to be a programmer to set up a website or a blog. I am not a programmer either. But, I have learned how to achieve any result I want on my blog, without coding a word. I can teach you to do the same too! The answer? You need to have adequate insight into WordPress! Learn it!

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After securing your domain and hosting from the platform I recommended to you, the next step is to install wordpress. This you can comfortably do through the cpanel of your hosting platform, just in one click, if you chose the platform I recommended to you!

Make sure you install it accurately. However, you can contact any of my team members to help you out while doing so (At a very low charge!)


Seen my blog, Hope you like it? It is a function of my tireless work with the help of a premium theme and some plugins.

Want to know where I bought my themes, CLICK HERE NOW!

#5: YOU NEED A MENTOR (And GOMP Can Be Of Great Help To You!)

A Mentor is someone with experience in an area who accepts to coach, guide and teach another (A Protege) personally. Lurn Nation disclosed the following facts about mentorship:

a. 83% of businesses with a mentor survives (much higher than those without)

b. Mentored businesses grow 500% faster – achieving 83% revenue growth.

c. According to a UPS store study, 70% of mentored businesses survive 5+ years (That is, Almost 200% higher than non-mentored businesses)

d. 3X – in a small study in New York City found mentored businesses 3x more likely to hit “Top Performing” status than non-mentored businesses.

e. Adding a mentor to your life is a BIG win. It is almost impossible for it to hurt you.

f. No matter what kinds of challenge you may be facing – a great MENTOR has already seen the tough days and knows how to get around it. Imagine the time and money you save, not to mention the headache!

How Can You Locate A Mentor?  Join GOMP (Gabriel Onyekawa Mentorship Program)! GOMP is a hands-on, in-depth training and mentoring outfit for intending and real entrepreneurs where real millionaires and multi-millionaires actually train and mentor you in real-time in the comfort of your own home, office or shop at a retainer or one-time payment basis!

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