failure in digital entrepreneurship image
failure in digital entrepreneurship image

Many people today are suffering afflictions of all kinds: poverty, frustration, stagnation, satanic manipulations, barrenness of all kinds, delayed marriage, etc.

 Life to them has no meaning.

The essence of life is vanity upon vanity. But, I believe that God is not a waster of time and resources. He does not take His time and resources to create man and the entire earth just because He got nothing doing as at the time of Creation.

Beloved, I know that you have been facing financial challenges or something similar. Or, maybe you were made to believe that in life you must struggle to make it. Or, maybe you were told, just like my parents told me, ‘Go to school, study a lucrative course, after graduation, you’ll get a good job that will end poverty in your life and that of the family… ‘; but today, you have nothing to show for your efforts and dedications, except numerous bill and debts to settle.

Or, were you told to go and learn a particular line of trade or seemingly lucrative job (Just Over Broke); and today, even years after learning it, you have virtually nothing to show for it?

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Have you settled for mediocrity in a land where abundance is richly available and achievable?

Have you resigned fate to the ugly and influencing effects of life? Have you been stranded for many years now and have finally decided to take life as you see it?

No you should not be stranded! It is not your portion. Poverty and struggling through life can’t be your portion!

I have good news for you: You’re the next online for a Supernatural turnaround. God’s Word is The Solution. This book is the means to your perfect end in life. It is the solution you have been waiting for. No one shall read this book, practice the content and end up remaining the same except the Lord did not call me into the writing ministry. As long as the Lord lives, an end has come to every affliction of your life in Jesus name…

Hear this: For everything on earth and in Heaven, there is a purpose (Ecclesiastes 3:1). Nothing just happens. Man and things are not accidents. Man is not a biological accident. Therefore, there is a reason for the struggling of many today. And that is IGNORANCE.

Light terminates darkness (John 1:5). When light appears, darkness disappears. Understanding brings about an outstanding life on earth.

Understanding simply means revelation

That is, Spiritual insight. Until revelation comes, manifestation is not guaranteed.

The picture of many today is that of frustration, stagnation, and confusion. Unfortunately, the seemingly wise people of the world do not have a practical solution for overcoming these challenges.

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The person you run to for rescue also has a bigger challenge he/she is facing. Who will save the world? Who has the solution?

Some countries who tried to apply some thoughtful economic transformational strategies have ended up incurring the wrath of some other countries. Sanctions, drastic punitive measures prevail; frustration and poverty still rule.

Applied Economic Empowerment Measures and Micro-financing schemes seem ineffective

More economic problems were created; putting an average citizen and Government into eternal financial indebtedness in the name of Mortgages and Leverages. Who is fooling who?

I am not against these economic measures but the question is, ‘To what extent has it solved the problems of the world?’ There is a way that seems right unto a man, but the end thereof is the way of death.

Until we go back to the Source, we will always lack resources. It is the manufacturer of a product (The earth and the fullness thereof) that determines the functionality of the product. The world did not create itself. God created all things. He determines all things. Let’s get back to our senses and get back to our Source! He has abundant resources.

More details later

P.S: I have made up my mind to become a Social Engineer and a Blogger who proffers solutions to the seeming hydra-headed challenges and problems of Africa. This I started doing through my e-books, especially my latest e-book, “Secrets Of Business Breakthrough

Secrets Of Business Breakthrough
Secrets Of Business Breakthrough

See you in my next ARTICLE!

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To Your Success,

Gabriel Onyekawa,

News Reporter,

AlaNaija News,

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