7 reasons you should never become poor this year
7 reasons you should never become poor this year

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LOVE TALK (Part 2): Understanding The Masculine Nature Of Men: Beloved, have you discovered that men most often pretend to be who they are not? This is not far from the truth; but, on the contrary, an average man is a faith-filled man! He wants to dare the underable and do the impossible. An average man can’t tell you that he does not have what a woman wants, rather, he’ll secretly work towards satisfying the desires of his woman.

Men are faith-builders. They are not cowards rather they strive to satisfy the needs of their partners. They always pride on their egos: “The manly attitude of a man”.

A man does not like a woman that opposes him. Rather, he wants a woman who talks to him in a respectful manner. Even when your man is wrong, correct him with a tint of respect and he’ll love you forever.

A man hates to be cajoled by his partner or the opposite sex. It makes him lose his masculinity and reduces his sex drive. Little wonder why such a person, with time, seems to be impotent in the eyes of his wife. (Though, I might not be detailed here but, the full detail is in my new paperback/e-book, “24TH LAW OF LOVE”, to order: call: +234 803 933 5121).

A man can never tell you that you stink or have body odour, rather he’ll secretly seek remedy for such issue and package it as a gift to you.

A man always wants to be “The Man!”. He hates being subjected to a life of pity. This is naturally common among Africans.


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As we launch into the New Year, 2015, I welcome you all! Happy New Year 2015!

But, I want to give you some tips on Money Management that will help you make more money this year and achieve more results.

Hear this: It is not just the prophecies at the church on a “Cross Over Night” that determine your manifestation. Prophesies don’t fulfill themselves. They are made to come to pass by men. Words have no worth until they are worked by men! Thus, you need to take steps to make your target achievable in this year 2015.

Step One: DISCOVER YOUR VISION ON EARTH: Vision is the location of your purpose on earth. It is the discovery of the reason for your creation. Until you locate and run with a vision, you’re not fit to live. Vision attracts provision and guarantees protection. You need to pursue vision to make impact in this year, 2015.

Step Two: ALWAYS PAY YOUR TITHE: Research reveals that when you sow back “Seeds” to the universe, you’re guaranteed of strange provisions and sustenance of your provisions.

However, the major giving that guarantees the strangest getting is tithing (Malachi 3:10), Bring your tithe into the storehouse that there may be meat in my house says the Lord. And prove me now herewith if I will not open the windows of heaven and pour you out a blessing that there will not be room enough to contain it. ..And I will rebuke the devourers for thy sake…”

Tithing is the giving back unto God, one-tenth of all the increases He gave you as obedience to His law that guarantees sustenance of your wealth, protection from devourers, raination of AN IDEA that will turnaround your financial, business and ministry life. Among other benefits.

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In this year 2015, if you desire to make impact financially and otherwise, consistently pay your tithe. (For more details, get my 44o pages book on Money. To order a copy, call: +234 803 933 5121.

See you in my next edition, as we continue our discussions.

I PROPHESY: This year, 2015, shall be the strangest year ever for you in Jesus name! Every stumbling block on your way to success is hereby terminated in Jesus name! I decree that before the next 24 hours, God shall miraculously bring you out of that challenge in Jesus name!!! You’re blessed!

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