7 reasons you should never become poor this year
7 reasons you should never become poor this year
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It is common knowledge that in a motor accident, the Press approaches the driver first for interview. If there is anybody to be held responsible in an accident, it is the driver. Likewise, in a marital problem, the first person to ask about what destroyed the marriage is the man. It takes a good manager to manage a business efficiently and effectively. That does not mean that the woman is not as guilty as the man. God blamed both Adam and Eve when they committed the atrocity in the Garden of Eden. So, both the man and the woman should be held responsible; it takes two to tango.

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There is no guarantee for peace in any marriage that is not anchored on divine direction. A marriage whose foundation is wrong cannot stand. Foundational faults in marriages are the major reasons why marriages collapse. If there is any reason why you must be born again, it is to love God; this is because the love of God brings about divine direction. Divine direction institutes extra-ordinary manifestation in marital affairs. Until you get born again don’t marry because marrying under bondage is sinking into the deep: darkness, poverty, gross failure etc.

 If you are not connected to God before marriage, you can be deceived by the devil to marry the wrong partner. Any body who is not delivered from sin can easily go into alcoholism, drug trafficking, kidnapping, 419ing, and other social ills. Without liberation, abuse in marriages remains inevitable.

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Little wonder why the same man, who looked into your eyes and professed his love for you some years ago, today beats you as if you are his punching bag. If you are a man, haven’t you seen people whose wives turn them into house boys? They run errands for their wives; do the house chores while their wives sit comfortably doing nothing.

When God is in-charge of your home, go to sleep; that means yours is settled. Without Him you can do nothing. If God is not the Pathfinder of your marriage; the devil has full control over the issues of the family. Little wonder why the worse happen in such families…

Now, let’s briefly talk about MONEY:

There are universal laws that guide money. There are rules for making money, saving money, and investing money. Economic depression is not new. In the same vein, economic recovery is possible, even at the speed of thought.

The major reason why you make mistakes in money management is IGNORANCE.

People are perished for lack of knowledge. People go into captivity because they know not.

Are you aware that you can have everything you want in life, if you can realize the power that God deposited in you and apply them?

Your attitude towards the inherent power in you determines your altitude in possessing wealth on earth. Everything in life has a price tag, including wealth. Until you pay the price you can’t win the prize.

You have probably searched for money everywhere; but, have you searched the BIBLE?

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The secret to wealth is in the BIBLE. The BIBLE is the greatest textbook on wealth creation ever written. But, you need to study to show yourself approved unto God as a workman that rightly divides the Word of truth, to have your expected result. You need to be desirous, determined and diligent to achieve results from the BIBLE. There is no other better truth than this!

Little wonder why Horace Greeley, as quoted by Catherine Ponder, in her book, “The Prosperity Secrets of the Ages”, noted, “It is impossible to mentally or socially enslave a Bible-reading people”. The BIBLE contains the pictures of multi-millionaires and billionaire who followed “God’s Master-piece” to make it through life. Among them include: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, David, Solomon, Gideon, Jesus, Peter, Paul, Timothy, among others

Beloved, this discourse on LOVE and MONEY were deduced from my latest books, “24TH LAW OF LOVE” 288 pages and “THE MONEY BOOK (Not The Original Title Pls)- 445 pages. To place order for any or all of them, send a leave a comment below.


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