how to overcome marriage problems image
how to overcome marriage problems image

Happy Valentine!!!

As the world celebrates today, which to many, the celebration continues tomorrow, we need to understand what love is, having examined the genealogy of valentine and the moral undertone, especially in relation to believers.

Have you realized that most relationships don’t last? Divorce and remarriage are on the high side. Many claim that they are professors in relationships, especially marriage, yet they abuse the sanctity of marriage and make it look as it marriage is not beautiful.

Sequel to a research I embarked upon, I came to a conclusion that it is women who are the losers when they neglect the marriage covenant-along with the men who are not able to achieve the wholeness God intended for them in union with their mates.

A sustainable relationship is a function of COMMITMENT and DEDICATION to the purpose, plan and demands of the marital vows and factors which sustain relationships and marriages.

Marriage is a covenant. Unfortunately, many don’t know this. Thus, if there is a secret that ensures a successful marriage, many have never found it. This is why most marriages are wrecked. In some cases, there is always open strife and disharmony, usually involving all those who live under the one roof, both parents and children. Things may appear fairly calm on the surface, underneath there are the festering sores of bitterness, forgiveness, and rebellion. These are liable to erupt in the form of some mental or emotional breakdown, the cause of which may never be precisely diagnosed.

There is a secret that can guarantee a sustainable relationship and marriage. Even in the face of confusion and conflicting opinions, the truth still holds water.

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Marriage is a unique relationship, having its root in divinity (Gen. 2:22). God has a purpose for marriage and until that purpose is discovered and applied, it does not produce fulfillment.

You can still enjoy unending joy and happiness in your marriage. However, the great taste of a soup is a function of its preparation. It is not enough to have all the required ingredients, you must know how to correctly put them together, before you can get the desired taste. The same goes for marriage. The result you get is a function of your input, except in a situation where your partner is insensitive to the future expectations.

As you celebrate val, sit down and have a sober reflection of your contributions to make love speak. How far have you contributed to your relationship? What seeds have you sown in your relationships and marriage? Is it a seed of discord or a seed of distinction? Sow a seed of distinction. The choice is yours! For more details, download and read my book, 24th LAW OF LOVE.

As you celebrate this love season, make it  a point of duty to share love with someone!


I love you my dearest!

Still Your Humble Servant,


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