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“Confidence comes from preparation” Dr. David D. Schwartz

Note: If you have not read our previous article, click here to read it! It is said that the height which great men reached and kept were not achieved by a sudden flight, but they, while others were sleeping, kept toiling until they made it. Yet, a greater percentage of the world’s population loiters around each day doing nothing; having no targets.

Do you go to sleep, wake up in the morning only to rush out to work without any goal in mind? Do you have plans that are stuck in your mind, but not written down anywhere? Then, you need to have a rethink!

The Bible admonishes us to plan on paper. Write that goal on paper. Meditate on it every time and soon it must come to pass.

For over a decade now, there has not been a day that passed without me writing down what I hope to accomplish the following day on paper. It gives me more confidence and makes me achieve almost everything the following day.

I don’t just wake up and start loitering about. At every moment I have a target. I have always known that whatever I write down must come to pass. As far as I take action towards them. How this miracle happens, I do not know. But, I know that it has never failed.

Most often, when I wake up, I check my NETWORK MARKETING BUSINESS. I also check out how MY BOOKS IN AMAZON are selling. And I write and publish my DAILY MOTIVATIONAL ARTICLE at ALANAIJA ONLINE MAGAZINE (


Learn to plan yourself this way. Bet me, soon you will see that you will have focus in life as never before. You will also become an expert in time management and goal setting. Just try it!

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From today, I write my vision down. I write my target down. I plan on paper. As a result, I achieve greater results and make more impact in Jesus name.

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