It is quite a pity that many are frustrated today, looking for non-existent JOB (Just Over Broke!). God did not create JOB. What God created was WORK! Unfortunately, many crave for success looking for job. Little wonder why the nation has remained a state in gross dilemma. But, I bring you good news!!!

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Sequel to the hydra-headed demands by our readers, asking me to write an article on THE SOLUTION to the nation’s economic problem, I write. This time, I am not just going to write an article, I am going to lead, by the hand, as many as will want to follow me and achieve their level of prosperity. I write in practical terms. The points shall be brief but substantial enough to transform your financial life positively!!!  However, my focus shall be on HOW TO MAKE MONEY FROM THE INTERNET (Which is the easiest way to make money. And it is the trend today and the future of money making)


Are you aware that you have just landed the top secret that made people like Ewen Chia, Sunny Obazu-Ojeagbase, Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, Joe Vitale, Bill Gates, and many others!


You may be like me some time ago, struggling to make money online yet having nothing to show for my consistent sweat. You may, on the contrary be like Bill Gates, who has virtually over every money he might need per time. Or, you are an average person who got a job (Just Over Broke), wakes up by 3-5 am in the morning, goes to work in a place he/she does not like, doing what he does not like doing. Thus, he works without passion and no vision.


Whichever group you belong, today, I bring you good news! What you are about reading from this article are the exact principles that changed my like totally for good.


I might not have money like Bill Gates. I might not be as wise as King Solomon, the great. I might not have a title of a “Professor” attached to my name. But, I have enough wisdom to alter your life positively if only you will follow me. I want to be your mentor in the field of internet marketing and information marketing. But, I also want you to know that all things involve risk. Thus, I disclaim any personal liability, loss, or risk incurred as a result of the use of any information or advice contained herein, either directly or indirectly.


Furthermore, I do not guarantee that the holder of this information will make profit from the information contained herein.


All mention of promises to make money, either implied or not implied is strictly based on the author’s opinion of the information contained herein.


As with any business, it is up to the individual owner of said business to ensure the success of the business. You may make more or less than the manual may or may not claim herein. It is strongly recommended that the purchaser contacts any and all Federal, State, and Local Government or agencies which may regulate, tax, or otherwise control the commencement of a business such as the one presented here.



I do not intend to render legal or accounting services herein. However, I wish to be judged by the words of Johnson (1996: vi), as quoted by Ama (2003: vii), “It might be said of me that in this book, I have merely made up a bunch of other men’s flowers, and provided nothing of my own but the string to bind them together”.


Nevertheless, I want you to understand that until you open your eyes and see reasons why you must change position, you are not a candidate for prosperity. Until you accept responsibilities for where you are and what you have today, you are not permitted to make it in life.


The reason why you are where you are for years is because you have been repeating the same process for a long time. Until you change the way you think and do things, you are not permitted to have tangible results.


Yesterday’s solutions cannot be applied to today’s problems. What worked in the Agrarian or Industrial Age might not work in the information Age.


A lot of us still do things: transact businesses, dispense services to customers and clients, speak and act as if we are still in the industrial Age. Those solutions that you applied and they worked in the Agrarian or industrial Ages might not work in this present information Age.


You need to wake up from slumber! Do things the information Age pattern and you achieve the information Age results!!! Period! Today, money is made at the speed of thought.


After many years of trial and error in the Internet world, I have come to realize that money-making online needs mentorship. Until you have a mentor, you don’t mentor another person. Who you follow determines what follows you. Who you connect to determines what connects to you. Until you make reference to others you cannot be a reference point. That is why I had to offer myself to you to be your mentor in this line of business.


I shall be exposing to you all the businesses I learnt in the world of internet marketing and information product marketing. I surely passed and graduating from the school of hard-knocks!


Welcome to the world of Internet Entrepreneurs. The Internet has proved to be a good place of investment for many entrepreneurs, young and old. Some of the young entrepreneurs have earned huge success in their projects and have become millionaires at an early age. You too can!


“Do you REALLY want to start an internet business? This manual is one product that will reveal to you how to do this. It is a definitive, step-by-step guide that trains even the greenest of newbies on how to how to make money on the internet and importation business.”


Have it ever occurred to you that you can earn an income on the internet as a professional information and internet marketer? Millions of people just like you even those that are by far younger than you are pulling in online profits via these methods I am about to reveal to you.



In this article, I want to blow up your mind with the unimaginable opportunities that abound on the internet and Importation Business.


Research has it that Information Marketing is an untapped million dollars business in the globe at large because Information is priceless. Information is the wheel upon which prosperity rides. Until you’re informed, you remain deformed. Nothing empowers like knowledge. It is the gateway to man’s manifestation. Information is the key factor to man’s success in life. Every great destiny manifestation begins with access to great information. There is no substitute for information in your quest for a change of attitude, from poverty to prosperity. Vision without information equals to frustration.


It is the working knowledge of a thing that guarantees manifestation. Information is any bit of news that influences your thoughts and action.


Information engenders motivation. Motivation provokes motion and stimulates action. These are what are required to arrive at your destination in life. Information helps you to drive any vision to actualization.


It is your depth of understanding in a particular field of endeavour that determines the height of your achievement in it. Every pacesetter rides on the wings of information. The depth of your information in a specific area of life is what determines the height of your accomplishment.


Information guarantees wisdom and wisdom begets wealth. The information at your disposal is what generates the wealth you have.


Taste for information and your destiny manifestation will be guaranteed. Every information you receive, if truly received will form a habit, it will change the way you think. It will stimulate a choice of habit which later culminates into character. Thoughts are very powerful.


Information makes you to be self-motivated to achieve tangible results. Information engenders the power for self-motivation. You need it!


Mike Murdock said, “You don’t decide your destiny, you decide your habits and your habits decide your destiny”. You can go beyond the information at your disposal. The brighter you see, the more your success in life.


Information is likened to ‘Light”. It is what guarantees your focus and movement in life. It can terminate any level of ignorance, darkness, poverty, sickness, diseases and frustrations of life. You’re only struggling through life because you lack the requisite light for manifestation.


Information is the currency of destiny that determines your purchasing power in the market of life. Information is the facts of life. And it is facts that make fat. Thus, to earn the marks of life, you need facts in that specific area.


Information guarantees you making waves in life. These waves launch you into limelight in life. Information is the driver of talents and skills. It is the know-how that generates results and not just physical strength alone.

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It is quite unfortunate that an average Nigerian values struggling more than going for the requisite information for manifestation. The difference between success and failure is information. The difference between poverty and prosperity is information.


Until you place appropriate value on information, your struggling continues. Information is the difference that makes the difference.


At the base of information is exploration. And exploration is the foundation for manifestation. Until you explore, you’re not permitted to exploit. Until there is a change within, there cannot be change without. That is what information does.


Unfortunately learning stops for many after they left formal schools of learning. When you stop learning, you start dying. Keep pace with current knowledge. When you stop learning, you’re old. If you keep learning, you’re young. Learning makes you young.


Today, the world is a global village. There is unlimited knowledge (Information) on the internet today, yet people still struggle through life.


Your intellectual capacity is very crucial to the fulfillment of your destiny. Information does not jump on people. It is a product of explorative search and research. The information you gather today is waiting for you tomorrow.


Readers are leaders. Information makes you to be far above. Until you school yourself, you have no school. It takes camping and groping for information to produce extraordinary results in life. Who and what you connect to determine who and what you become in life. Information connects you to elevations in life.


Every outstanding leader is a committed reader. Go for ever increasing insight in your field. The books you read and the companies of people you keep determine who you become in life.


Strategic planning is a function of strategic information. Every vision is at the mercy of information. The future of every vision is at the mercy of information. Information guarantees a glorious future.


Until you reference others, you cannot be referenced. Without information, you end up being blind with your eyes wide open.


Do you know that there is power in what you already know? You can give that seemingly stupid knowledge of yours a commercial value and trade it to people globally, online and offline. I’ll teach you how as we go.


Follow me in the next edition and we discuss more on this subject. Note: This article is an excerpt of my e-book, “THE INTERNET REVOLUTION” IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO GET THE FULL VERSION OF THE E-BOOK, “THE INTERNET REVOLUTION”. To ORDER For Your Own Copy, Call/SMS: 08039335121.

REMEMBER, Your CONDITION today is a function of your DECISIONS yesterday. And your DECISIONS emanated from the INFORMATION at your disposal. The information at your disposal culminated from your ASSOCIATION. Your association is a compounded effect of the FRIENDS you keep and the BOOKS you read! READ GOOD BOOKS TODAY! ORDER DIGITAL AND HARD COVER BOOKS AT THE CHEAPEST PRICES EVER!


Information without application is frustration without comprehension. LEARN THE ARTS OF IMPORTATION TODAY:


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