how to start and make money blogging image
how to start and make money blogging image

This blog post reveals the Six (6) Disruptive Steps To Make Money Blogging

If you have ever thought of making money through written contents, then, this blog post is your best option!

How To Make Money Blogging (A Step By Step Approach) teaches you the six (6) Steps To Starting, Sustaining And Making Money Blogging Professionally

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Someone said that if you cannot be Googled, you do not exist! She further stated that it is critical for you-whether you work in a corporate environment or not- to have a blog or personal website of your own; not doing so signals to employers and customers that you are out of touch with modern rhythms.


Owning a blog or website in today’s world is no more luxury but a necessity. No matter what you do or sell without a digital platform and process, you cannot successfully make money blogging. Thus, blogging is a MUST for all who desire to make money, especially online!

Another MAJOR reason you need to blog is to persuade you potential employer, client, customer or colleagues to behave and/or react in a certain way that would positively impact you.

Blogging is also an almost cost-free opportunity to establish or defend your brand and/or to introduce a new product(s), which you can do repetitively overtime.

Blogging, when focused on, will establish your reputation on the internet at the speed of light and attract trust to you, your business, or brand and quickly skyrocket your profit potentials.

However, real bloggers, like me, are not copy cats! Do not go about copying people’s works in the name of blogging.

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It would also interest you to know that some bloggers make up to six figures monthly, in dollars equivalent, blogging.

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Now, 6 Steps To Starting, Sustaining And Making Money Blogging Professionally

Step One


Mentorship is a MUST if your target, as a potential or real blogger, is to fly.

Have you noticed that every Military General was once a protégé of another Military General? No matter your thoughts and philosophies, mentorship will give you “feathers” to fly even above your desired end in the blogosphere.

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Step Two

You Need to Understand What a Blog Is Before You Can Make Money Blogging Professionally

You need adequate knowledge about blogging profitably and professionally.

I believe my previous articles on Blogging can be of help: See links..Click Here!

Step Three

You Need A Scheme

This is a detailed document that includes every element you want the site to include.  However, Francis Cole Jones recommended that as you put this together, it is important to look both at the competition (to make sure there is nothing you neglect that appears to be mandatory elsewhere) and at the sites you frequent (which may seem on the surface to have nothing to do with your field, but all of which have features you find compelling), and then ask yourself, “How can I make that work for me?

Sketch The Following Contents:

Your Bio

A paragraph or two filled with active language that lays out specific details about what you have accomplished and why others should care.

Your Professional Headshot

This talks about a professional portrait picture that speaks louder than words. Make this portrait as professional as you can. Give it your best. It represents you online.

A Statement Of Goals (Vision Statement)

Without a goal, you end up as a goat. Regardless of how easy establishing a blog might seem, you need to back it up with a solid vision otherwise you will have no mission, and it will soon end in disaster. Remember, a goal is like a rudder that directs the ship of your blogging lifestyle. Without a goal, you will fail, even before you start.

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Your Contact Details

This could be your physical location, phone number and/or e-mail address.

Your Services Details

Step Four

You Need A Domain Name And Hosting

Domain name talks about your unique blogging name; your URL (Universal Resource Locator). It is the name that separates your blog from other blogs. Example:,,,, etc

These are the freelancing services you may wish to render to interested readers. It is not compulsory. But, if you must succeed sustainably as a blogger, monetization of your blog is a MUST. Otherwise, someday you will be tired of blogging and quit.

What would your unique name be? Think about it! However, you need to do keyword research and located a focused keyword to use in creating this. (If you desire to learn more about this, “Focused keyword, Keyword Research, Keyword planning, professional blog sketching etc, join other over 1, 500 online students in my TRAINING and MENTORSHIP PROGRAM. Click Here To Join!)

In addition, “Hosting” talks about the space given to you by a third party company (website or server) to upload your blog files for easy display when someone types the URL of your blog. Among all the companies rendering this service, I highly recommend Blue Host (Click Here To Get BIG Discount Now! Note: You can secure your hosting through them now! Follow this link!)

Step Five

You Need A Theme (Template)

In today’s world, you need not be a programmer to create and host your own blog or website. The availability of good themes (Templates) has dramatically reduced the time factor need to own a blog or a website of your own as potential or real bloggers. Themes have made it easy for some of us because we can now avoid coding from scratch and the challenges that follow since there are many already-made themes we can purchase between $39 to $79 that will help us create our blogs and/or website in 5 minutes or fewer. However, there are many kinds of themes you can use. Among the best is WordPress. I know you would like to get one for your new blog? Follow this link now!

Step Six

You Need To Know How To Write Keyworded And Search Engine Optimized Blog Posts

This is simple but technical! However, with GOMP TRAINING and MENTORSHIP you can learn it at the speed of light. Among the recommended materials that will help you learn how to write and publish professionally is the e-book: “How To Write And Publish Your Own Book Without Spending A Kobo” (Click Here to DOWNLOAD A COPY Now!)

See you in my next blog post.

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To Your Success,

Gabriel Onyekawa

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Recommended Materials For This Series

Gabriel Onyekawa BooksCLICK HERE to DOWNLOAD!

Rich Dad, Poor Dad – Robert Kiyosaki

Cashflow quadrant – Robert Kiyosaki

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The Next Thing

Though I still have a lot to write on this topic I hope you learned something new from this blog post. I want you to apply practically all I have been able to teach you via this blog post.ALSO, READ THIS!  Who Else Wants To Learn Website Designing? (Secret Formula for Mastering and Designing Incredible Websites That Top Web Designers Aren’t Telling You)

Right now, I want to know what you think.

Have you tried applying the contents of this post? How did it work? Anything I missed? Let me know what you think by leaving a COMMENT below. Ask me questions related to Entrepreneurship, Personal Finance and Marriage Tips. Better still you can provide a suggestion of a post you would like me to write about.

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