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Secret Guide To Successful Blogging (A Digital Entrepreneurship Approach)

This blog post reveals the Secrets To Successful Blogging (A Digital Entrepreneurship Approach).

Blogging is majorly the prime focus in content marketing.

Content marketing is one of the latest and successful approaches for marketing your products online and offline.

Content marketing, in a layman’s definition, means using content to market products. Among the major content marketing strategies is Blogging.


What Is A Blog?

Quoting the words of Hugh Hewitt, from his book, BLOG, (2005:ix),

“Blog is short for weblog. Log means “diary”, as in a captain’s log on a ship. Weblog means a diary of sorts maintained on the internet by one or more regular contributors. Usually, just one, sometimes two or three, rarely more than three.

The first blog appeared in 1999. Give or take a year.

There are now more than 4,000,000 blogs. Think about that. From 1 to 4,000,000 in five years.

Blogs first got noticed when they invaded the reality of politics and journalism in a big way. An entire universe of poliblogs sprang up to do commentary on politics and, necessarily, about media. These blogs raised huge sums of money for candidates, changed the contours of citizen political participation, and altered the course of the 2004 presidential election…”

Hugh Hewitt, summarized by saying that a blog is an online site with time-dated postings, maintained by one or more posters, that features links and commentary.

A blog is thus an online site that is updated by its author(s) frequently which is bound to attract visitors consistently. Hewitt further stated that Blogging is about TRUST.

Blogs brought radical transformation, if not revolution, to news and information dissemination systems.

What Is Blogging?

“Blogging is nearly cost-free opportunity to establish or defend a brand and introduce new products or buzz, and to do so over and over again.” Noted Hewitt.

Can Blogging Make Money For You?

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Then, let us continue…

In today’s world, an individual blogger can compete favorably on equal footing with multinational newspaper publishing companies. With specialized knowledge and information, anyone can become a professional blogger and Internet Millionaire.

11 Disruptive Secrets To Successful Blogging?

Over the years, by my experience, I have been able to discover at least 11 disruptive secrets to successful blogging. In the following session, I will be unveiling them one after the other…

The Disruptive Secret To Successful Blogging #1

Determine What You Want to Blog about First

Blogging without focus distracts your future and drains your money. Before deciding to become a blogger, sit down, meditate, study, research, and discover the relevant needs of the people that you want to use your blog to solve. As a blogger, you are a social engineer. Your major focus should be to solve the seeming hydra-headed problems of man, with reference to the area(s) that align very well with your vision.

You are too small to blog about everything. Until you define your blog, frustration remains the order of the day. was founded with the intention of becoming a one-stop learning and mentoring place for all intending and real entrepreneurs. focuses on these three (3) cardinal areas: Digital Entrepreneurship, Personal Finance, and Relationships. However, we publish blog posts, e-books, paperback books, audio training programs, video training programs, among others to bring to bear our core objectives. You too need focus if you must start and run a blog that the world will envy.

The Disruptive Secret To Successful Blogging #2

Write A List of the Topics You Want to Write About

As part of your preparation modalities for starting and running a blog that the world will envy, you need to itemize your suggested blog topics sequel to your discoveries vis-à-vis the seeming hydra-headed problems and challenges of the people.

The good news is that there are creative software and website platforms that can help you generate blog post topics based on your area of interest. In our Mobile Business Institute,, we teach our students how to use this software and websites.

Though the institute has been upgraded to an International Standard by making it 100% online, you can do yourself good by enrolling now for our Digital Classes at the cheapest prices ever.

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The Disruptive Secret To Successful Blogging #3

Avoid Using All Caps In Your Blog Title

It may look fanciful or seemingly comely to the eyes using all capital letters in your blog title. Unfortunately, research has proved that this action may reduce your ranking on most of the Search Engines like Google since it seems not to allow the crawler to rank your blog details well.

In addition, using all caps may make your blog title look clumsy thereby reducing readability among your audience. Do yourself this favor, avoid using all caps in your blog post henceforth.

The Disruptive Secret To Successful Blogging #4

Write Longer Posts

Lazy and lousy attitudes are no friends to blogging professionally. If you must succeed as a professional blogger, you must be determined to work really hard. You must develop the habit of writing and publishing longer posts of over 800 words. This would, in turn, enable search engines to rank you higher. In fact, the more time a reader spends on a single page in your blog, the better for you.


This is because Search Engines record the time spent on a page. Thus, endeavor to make your blog posts to take up to 5 minutes to read. This seems to be the best time programming that attracts higher Google and other Search Engine Ranking for now.

The Disruptive Secret To Successful Blogging #5

Write Your Articles in Bits with Sub-headings

Do not cluster your work. No one wants to read a lengthy, unorganized blog post. Take your time to structure your blog post in sub-headings and short stories. This would, in turn, generate more traffic to your blog organically.

The Disruptive Secret To Successful Blogging #6

Avoid Marketing Language in Your Blog Posts

No one wants to read a sales pitch. A blog post should be an educative and informative article, not a sales pitch. Do not be in a haste to sell something to your readers. Allow them to trust and believe you first through the contents you publish and the way you handle and respond to them when they contact you for the particular information or the other.

The Disruptive Secret To Successful Blogging #7

Edit, Proof-Read and Re-Check Your Blog Post for Plagiarism before Publishing

There is nothing as bad as reading an article or content that is full of errors and typos. Before you press the “Publish” button of your blog, make sure you have thoroughly edited and proof-read your content. Even if you have already published it and discovered a correctible mistake, go ahead and correct it otherwise, it may scare away your readers from visiting again.

The Disruptive Secret To Successful Blogging For Money #8

Monetize Your Blog for Sustainability

Blogging is a serious business and should be treated so. Blogging is not for lazy dolls. It is a professional activity and should not be left for dullards. I launched my Entrepreneurship and Personal Finance Blog, over half a decade ago.

Till today, we are still waxing strong. We have recorded some unimaginable breakthroughs over the years. We have had seeming authorities in the entrepreneurial world flood our Training and Mentoring platforms.

Therefore, you must monetize your blog if you must last long in the blogosphere. These are some of the ways we monetized our blog (With these resources, you too can monetize yours):

Blogging is not about generating traffic; until the traffic is monetized, it has no value. The sustainability of a blog is thus dependent on, not just the content and traffic generated, but, on the monetization value of the blog. Think about this!

The Disruptive Secret To Successful Blogging #9

Avoid Click-Bait Headlines

Clickbait headline is a headline that does not necessarily include a keyword in your content. This is a mischievous means of getting click-through. Therefore, if you want your blog post to be found in search engines like Google, be honest and use a solid keyword that covers the main subject of your content.

The Disruptive Secret To Successful Blogging #10

Blog About What You Are Passionate About

No matter the different schools of thought we have today who are more interested in money-making than problem-solving at a justifiable profit, passionate blogging still has its place in the blogosphere.

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To enjoy a sustainable and profitable blogging lifestyle, you need to blog about a subject in which you can answer most of the questions at the speed of thought. Write about what you are an expert on, and passionate about.

However, be reminded that no one starts out as a professional at anything. You most often grow to become a professional. Just like most top bloggers, I became an expert in the following:

The Disruptive Secret To Successful Blogging #11

Have A Blogger’s Goal

Hear me; the top goal of a profitable and sustainable blogger is to connect readers’ problems with an angle related to his product or service. Thus, you need to know and apply this in other to make an indelible impact in the blogosphere.

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See you in my next article!


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To Your Success,

Gabriel Onyekawa

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The Next Thing

Though I still have a lot to write on this topic I hope you learned something new from this blog post. More importantly, I want you to apply practically all I have been able to reach you via this blog post.

Right now, I want to know what you think.

Have you tried applying the contents of this post? How did it work? Anything I missed? Let me know what you think by leaving a COMMENT below. Feel free to ask my questions related to Entrepreneurship, Personal Finance, and Marriage Tips. Better still, you can provide a suggestion of a post you would like me to write about.

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