The height which great men reached and kept were not achieved by a sudden flight but they, while others slept, kept toiling until they succeeded. Ministry is not madness. Ministry without tangible proofs is fake.

Any claim to serve God without a substantive reward of testimony is ignorance without knowing. You cannot serve God and be poor! You cannot serve God and be frustrated! Life in Christ is fake without proofs. Little wonder why many struggle and suffer.

Need I tell you what you can encounter at the ongoing SHILOH 2014 tagged, “Heaven On Earth”. Even before this present SHILOH 2014, many have encountered the God of Shiloh in a strange dimension. team captured some of these seemingly hidden testimonies on one of our virtual trips to Abuja, Nigeria at Living Faith Church, Abuja (Goshen). Hear this testimony by one of the members of this great assembly:

“I joined this church about 2 years ago but I was not regular in the services, if I come today it would take some time before I come again, and because of that everything around me went down. But in January this year, I made up my mind to settle down with God so I participated fully in the 21 days of prayer and fasting that was held in that month, and God gave me a job immediately with the Russian Embassy. I didn’t go through any prior training for the job I am employed for but God’s grace has been seeing me through. I am even placed on salary higher than the person that interviewed me.” 

What are you waiting for? Locate any Shiloh viewing centre and partake of the mysteries at SHILOH 2014 and enjoy HEAVEN ON EARTH!

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See you in my next edition…

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