Who is incharge of your destiny-you or others?
Who is incharge of your destiny-you or others?

Welcome back,

Hope you had some great moments yesterday? God is great! And His mercies endures forever.

Today, I want you to cheer up and be grateful to God. Life is not funfare but warfare! Life does not give you a fair chance for survival. It is either you’re intelligent, handsome and plumpy, yet your parents have no money to train you in school or you have money but no wisdom. Everybody has an excuse why he/she will not prosper. But, it’s not what happens to you that matters but what your reaction therefrom.

Life is a function of what you put into it. Until you react against negative occurrences in your life, you’re not permitted to make impact in life.

Life is a function of your efforts and God’s favour upon you. It’s not human certification that matters but God’s ordination. Thus, paper certification is not greater than practical manifestation. Don’t brag with your certificates; you might even end up a failure with your Masters Degree (God forbid!).

You need courage, doggedness and ruggedness to manifest. Today, make up your mind to be tough. Be determined. Be courageous. Be rugged. And you’ll conquer through life. You’re meant to have ALL your expectations. You’re meant to buy that car. You’re meant to go to that University of your choice. You’re meant to get married to that man of your choice or that woman of your choice. You’re meant to be successful.

Beloved, today is your day of manifestation! Go and prosper in Jesus name!

Remember, until you’re armed, you lack manifestation. Until you’re trained, you can’t triumph. Daniel, in the Bible, learnt through books. Timothy learnt through books. Paul manifested through books. You need books to read today. Click here to order my books!!!

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See you in my next edition!

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