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the secrets of attracting cash and becoming super-prosperous

The Secret To Attracting Cash And Becoming Super-Prosperous

I believe that you enjoyed reading our recently launched BOOK REVIEWS, which officially started yesterday with the title, “The Secret Book You Need To Generate Quick CASH As An Entrepreneur“?

Ultimately, the only purpose for having money is to help others

Unfortunately, some people, even among the believers, are very good at telling others, especially those who are facing one challenge or other, “It’s well!” even when they have the solution to the cardinal challenge of that fellow.

Please, stop saying to a fellow believer, ‘It’s well! God will provide!’ when what is holding the brethren captive is within your reach! This might not mean anything to you but it is one of the reasons why believers do not move forward as a church.

God is no longer happy with all those who do this! Do not add to that statistics! Dare to be different! Be the eyes of those who lack, the widows, the destitute, and God who rewards openly will in turn reward you with abundance!

To be prosperous, be action-oriented and not just theoretical! Do not have it and tell the one that is in need to come back tomorrow.

That thing you refuse to give out might be the only seed you need to sow to move to your next level. Until you give out, you are not permitted to move to the next level.

I read with a great joy the writings of Robert G. Allen, when he wrote, “Ultimately, the only purpose for having money is to help others”.

Dear, you are not yet rich until you have rich successors. You are meant to be a channel and not a container.

A channel is a mediator for the distribution of God’s blessings while a container is a collector. A container does not allow the easy flow of blessings to others.

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Until you start helping others, you cannot be prosperous. The reason why you are where you are, suffering and smiling, is because you have refused to assist anybody around you to become prosperous.

Whatever you want in life, give it first. Giving is the only guarantee for a lasting success. Any water in a seeming stream that does not flow out soon becomes a disaster.

When you give, your fist spreads out for God and man to give back to you in multiple folds. When you give, you open doors for God’s blessings. When your life is a life of giving, prosperity becomes your next name.

Whosoever fails to give, fails to understand the secret of receiving. If you do not flow out, nothing flows in.

My Spiritual and Financial Mentor, Bishop David Oyedepo, wrote this…

…Your business is not crawling because you are a Christian. Job was a man that feared God and eschewed evil, yet he was the greatest man in the entire east (Job 1:1-3). Failure to distribute is the major hedge many people are breaking, which is why their businesses remain in hell. Many businesses are only  concerned about their immediate families….You do not go about with your millions  secured in banks, whereas someone is dying right next to you, crying out for your help, but getting no concern or attention from you. That is why you never have enough!


My purpose on this earth is to touch lives in a grand style through Entrepreneurship and Personal Finance teaching and mentorship as contained in the pictures of the Scriptures (The Bible).

Recalling, though I hated poverty with a passion, yet, I was neck deep into it. I hated struggling, yet, my life was a struggling adventure.

Imagine what my life looked like? Those who know me will understand and appreciate what I am saying.

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Beloved, need I tell you that a lot of our youths today loiter around purposelessly doing nothing. A lot of parents give birth to numerous children without adequate provision for their schooling, feeding, clothing, and shelter.

Imagine the high level of school graduates being sent into the wider world to look for unavailable jobs. How many industries do we in this continent? What are the levels of their efficiency and effectiveness?

We are in a land flowing with milk and honey yet both the milk and the honey are licking away into numerous waste baskets. Who and who are in possession of the milk and honey?

Africa is a blessed continent. We are blessed to bless others. We are created to be channels and not containers of blessing to others. Yet the rule of 90/10 still applies to this nation (10% of the population controlling 90% of the resources).

I hate what is happening in this great continent! I love Africa. Something must be done to liberate Africa from all traces of poverty and penury through Entrepreneurship and Personal Finance Training and Mentorship with focus on the eternal Word of God (The Bible).

Africa must wake up and say,“No!” to this ugly trends! Africa must be reawakened (if not awaken) to the consciousness that it takes adequate knowledge to triumph! However, until Africa start accessing requisite knowledge and applying them, Africa remains a third world continent. God forbid!

Beloved, in humility, I wish to inform you that due to this passion for liberating people from every trace of poverty and penury, I had to reject up to three Banking jobs (names withheld). I swore to sacrifice convenience and comfort just to put this work into your hand.

A lot of lives have been touched by this little contribution of mine. I have trained uncountable persons in Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Business and Marketing Management, to mention but a few.

But people could be funny sometimes! Pressures were on me to accept a job opportunity, work with a firm, acquire the money and pursue my vision. But, I was obstinate and refused the suggestions.

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I love you. I love this great nation. I must do something to clear poverty out of this nation and Africa. Poverty is not a native of this country, not even Africa and the world at large.

When my parents taught that I was jinxed or something close to that, I had to accept an employment opportunity from one of the top three Tele-Communication Companies in Nigeria. Though, my salary was in six digits, passion pushed me to resign after nine months of working with the company.

I launched into private establishment. Today, I am the Founder/President of Nigeria’s major Entrepreneurship And Personal Finance Blog/Website, A lot of lives have been touched and blessed through this website and most of my digital products I conceptualize, package, publish and promote.

Imagine what would have been the fate of those who were employed, assuming we did not exist? May be, they would staying at home watching Televisions all through the day. Or, end up as prostitutes, armed robbers, kidnappers, thugs or drug dealers.

Do you still desire to Attract Cash And Become Super-Prosperous? Then, TAKE STEPS NOW!

To Your Success!


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A Simple Guide To Website Designing E-Book
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how to write your own book and publish it without spending a kobo


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